Spooky! Guests Share Photos of Disney World Drenched in Fog

Disney World in Fog
Credit: u/SierraS9 (right); u/snoopywoodstockus (left)

The Walt Disney World Resort may be over 50 years old, but no two visits arguably ever look the same. Sometimes that change is due to the work of Walt Disney Imagineering. Other times it is due to the weather.

The last full week of February 2023 provided such a surprising change for Guests as they awoke the past several days to find their Resort Hotels and the Disney World Theme Parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, covered in a thick morning fog.

Several Guests decided to share their

u/SierraS9 shared her perspective of Expedition Everest, barely visible in the haze, saying, “Everest looms in the morning fog.”

Expedition Everest, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: u/SierraS9 (Reddit)

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u/snoopywoodstockus also chimed in to share his picture of the “foggy morning at EPCOT,” as the lights of Spaceship Earth also struggle to penetrate the mist.

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT

Credit: u/snoopywoodstockus (Reddit)

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This reporter was also visiting Walt Disney World Resort this weekend, and I was able to capture some photos of my own. Included below is my view of Disney’s Animal Kingdom as I entered the Theme Park.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: TK Bosacki/ Disney Fanatic

It should be noted that this fog was unusually thick for Florida weather, and it did cause some problems, including halting all Ferry Boat traffic to the Magic Kingdom via Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake for safety measures. But, it could not survive the onslaught of the Florida sun, and the skies cleared up quite quickly as the morning dragged on. It should also be noted that no traffic accidents involving Disney World Guests were reported.

Disney movies often depict their fantastical lands and castles shrowded in an eerie mist. Seeing the real-life Disney landmarks covered only adds to the fantasy Imagineers try to provide.

Morning fog has been a recurring factor this entire week, though, and it is unclear just how the fog will affect the runDisney Marathon event this weekend.

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Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, TK Bosacki is a professional writer, amateur adventurer, and lifelong Disney Fanatic. His Disney Park days include Space Mountain, Tower of Terror, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Nomad Lounge. He believes in starting at the Canada pavilion (IYKYK), and the Monorail is superior to all Ferry Boats.

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