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Disney Fans Propose Hilarious New Spaceship Earth Narrator

New Spaceship Earth Narrator

Spaceship Earth is likely the first ride you will encounter when entering EPCOT at Walt Disney World. It is also likely one that you won’t soon forget. It has been a staple for the Park since it first opened in 1982. However, being a classic attraction in a major theme park has drawbacks. The ride is revered but is also ...

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In Defense of EPCOT: Walt Disney World’s Best Park

A colorful nighttime view of EPCOT's Spaceship Earth illuminated with purple, blue, and orange lights. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are on the left, playfully leaning towards the center, and Figment, the purple dragon, is on the right.

As Disney fans, we need to come to a simple understanding: Magic Kingdom is in its own unique category. It was the last park Walt Disney had a hand in designing, and as a result, it holds a special place in our hearts. So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can start talking about the other ...

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On Easter Weekend, Guests Evacuated From Flooded Disney World Ride

DeSantis Monorail Inspection

From time to time, every ride at Walt Disney World will shut down for any number of reasons. It could be something as benign as a guest vomiting on the ride or something as nefarious as a guest jumping off the ride to take a look around. Related: ‘Where is Everyone?’ Spring Breakers Flee Disney World, Leaving Parks ‘Virtually Empty.’ Then, ...

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Lightning Strikes Spaceship Earth In This Crazy Viral Video

spaceship earth epcot

A lightning strike can happen anywhere, even at “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” One guest caught it all on video as a lightning strike hit a classic Disney attraction. Even though Florida is called the Sunshine State, it is known to have some less-than-friendly weather. After all, it is also known as the lightning capital of the United States ...

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Flagship Attractions in Disney World Close Without Explanation

disney world attractions close

Earlier this morning, two of Disney’s flagship attractions at the Central Florida Disney resort temporarily closed, presumably for maintenance. Disney Park closures—whether temporary or permanent—are part and parcel of the Disney experience. Whether it’s for a few hours due to a Disney Park ride breakdown, the need for quick fixes and maintenance, a longer refurbishment and TLC, or the occasional ...

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New Show Coming to Spaceship Earth!

Disney Wish show Spaceship Earth

One of the most iconic parts of Walt Disney World Resort is the geodesic sphere that sits at the entrance to EPCOT — which many guests compare to a giant golf ball. The sphere is home to Spaceship Earth, a slow-moving attraction that takes guests through the history of language and communication, starting with the cavemen. The attraction is narrated ...

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Fan Celebrates Disney’s Spaceship Earth in an ICONIC Way

spaceship earth tattoo

A Disney fan celebrated their love for EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth in one of the most iconic ways we’ve seen! The Disney fandom is devoted, to say the least. Every Disney fan knows the feeling of enjoying their favorite Disney Park ride—whether at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida or Disneyland Resort in Southern California. Whether it’s spooktacular attractions ...

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The Best Disney Park for Little Ones (and 3 Sanity-Saving Tips)

Baby Travel

With crowds, heat, and overstimulation, toddler trips to Walt Disney World can feel like a gamble. There’s no guarantee the excitement will eclipse a nap, or the heat will induce a stage-five tantrum. The unknowns of traveling with little ones to any theme Park can add stress to what’s meant to be a magical memory in the making. The good ...

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FIRST LOOK: Spaceship Earth Gets Upgraded for Disney100 Celebration

epcot spaceship earth disney100

The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are two of the foremost places in the world for a Disney vacation. Fans from all over flock to the Disney Parks to get their chance to live the Disney experience and enjoy the various, unique entertainment offerings—from rides and attractions like Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom Park ...

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