Lightning Strike EPCOT
Credit: Streaming the Magic

Video: Lightning Strikes Spaceship Earth

Even though Florida is called the Sunshine State, it is known to have some less than friendly weather. After all, it is home to the lightning capital of the United States of America.

That stormy weather often finds its way to Central Florida and the Walt Disney World Resort, including tonight.

Streaming the Magic posted a video to TikTok of lightning apparently striking Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, saying:

Wow! Lightning strikes spaceship earth at Epcot Disney World during Kristen & Adam’s live stream on Streaming The Magic #disneyparks #spaceshipearth #lightningbolt

Check it out:


Wow! Lightning strikes spaceship earth at Epcot Disney World during Kristen & Adam’s live stream on Streaming The Magic #disneyparks #spaceshipearth #lightningbolt

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It should be mentioned at this point that no one was reportedly injured and that lightning has been known to strike Disney World‘s iconic landmarks and other buildings from time to time. These include Expedition Everest, Cinderella Castle, and Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Readers can click the link below to find out which spots on-property are more susceptible than others.

With Magic Kingdom closing unusually early due to a Cast Member appreciation celebration, it is likely that more Guests-wanting to get the most out of their Disney Day-made their way to EPCOT and gave this lightning display and extra-large audience.


Lightning Strike Disney World

Credit: CNN

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The Walt Disney World Resort stands prepared to protect its Guests from lightning strikes and other stormy weather. Outdoor rides are automatically closed once lightning is detected within a certain perimeter and many buildings are equipped with lightning rods to keep the possibility of ground strikes at bay. Indoor attractions around World Showcase, World Nature, and World Discovery like Remys Ratatouille Adventure, Soarin’, and Mission: SPACE still stand ready to receive Guests.

Lightning Strike Disney World


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We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Park news as it develops, and we hope that the stormy weather clears in enough time for Guests to watch the Lunar Eclipse (and watch the moon turn red). 

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