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Rick is an avid Disney fan. He first went to Disney World in 1986 with his parents and has been hooked ever since. Rick is married to another Disney fan and is in the process of turning his two children into fans as well. When he is not creating new Disney adventures, he loves to watch the New York Yankees and hang out with his dog, Buster. In the fall, you will catch him cheering for his beloved NY Giants.

A Man Was Murdered at a Disney World Good Neighbor Resort

A lakeside pavilion with a wooden dock extends over the water. Nearby, pedal boats shaped like swans are moored. In the background, several mid-rise buildings are partially obscured by trees. The sky is clear and blue, indicating fair weather.

A man in his 50s was found dead at a Central Florida resort and water park early Sunday morning. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after it received a call around 3:45 Sunday morning. When law enforcement arrived, they found one man had been shot, and the police pronounced him dead at the scene. The man was found killed ...

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Report Claims Disney Is Expanding Its Parks Into Australia

A crowd gathers in front of Cinderella's Castle at a Disney theme park. A statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse stands prominently, holding an Australian flag. The sky is overcast, and the castle features blue and gold accents.

When Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the Walt Disney Company would spend $60 billion over the next decade on its theme parks, Disney fans were giddy with anticipation. Sixty billion was a lot of money, and surely, that meant at least one new Disney Park somewhere. Iger fueled that excitement when he said Disney could build seven new theme ...

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Company Behind Disney World Body Scanners Wants To Take over NYC, but Finds Shockingly High Failure Rate

Disney World Scanners

Everyone has had to walk through the security screening checkpoints at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But as you rapidly pass through the body scanner, do you ever wonder how exactly these work and how effective this scanner is? Well, some of these answers are becoming clearer as the company behind that security screening technology, Evolv Technology, tries to reel ...

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Homeless Disney World Cast Members Could Be Sleeping in Someone’s Garage

cast members living conditions florida

The Walt Disney World Resort is so large that it stretches across two Central Florida counties, Orange and Osceola. Both counties are grappling with an issue directly impacting Disney World cast members. Related: After Criminalizing Homeless Disney World Cast Members, Florida Wants to Make it Easier to Commit them to Mental Hospitals Since 2019, Osceola County has seen a 70 ...

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Disney Social Media Creators Are Going Away for Good

Tiktok Mickey Mouse

If you’ve been to a Disney Park, you’ve seen them there. They live-stream rides or take dozens of photos in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom. Beyond those annoying features, Disney content creators provide a valuable resource, especially to people who have never been to Walt Disney World or Disneyland. Disney creators explain the intricate details of a ...

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The Battle for Central Florida Tourism Dollars Is Ratcheting Up

Central Florida Tourism

The theme park battle in Central Florida is about to reach epic levels, literally. With Universal Orlando about to open Epic Universe, Walt Disney World must devise something to draw guests away from its cross-town rival. It seems like Universal Orlando is dropping more information about Epic Universe every day, including bringing guests inside SUPER NINTENDO WORLD and adding more ...

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Florida Teachers Scramble To Survive by Taking Second Jobs at Disney World

World Disney Castle

With Teacher Appreciation Week coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at the state of teaching in Florida. Last week, the National Education Association released its teacher pay ranking across the country and Washington D.C. and found that Florida ranked 50th, only ahead of West Virginia. Related: Disney Worked Behind the Scenes to Strip Cast Members of ...

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Disney/Marvel Coming for Instagram Records After Massive Footage Leak

Disney Marvel

“Nothing is secret once you tell someone. If you want to keep it quiet, don’t tell a soul,” Richard Chamberlain. The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios are discovering just how accurate that quote is. Disney and Marvel have issued subpoenas to Instagram to obtain account information, including the identity of the person behind the account after leaks showed clips ...

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Despite Past Issues, Disney Is About To Be Overrun by Teenagers

mission breakout disneyland

It takes a certain kind of person to spend their days surrounded by teenagers voluntarily. I’m looking at you, high school teachers. If you’ve never had that experience before, it can be a bit overwhelming and occasionally scary, especially if a massive group of teenagers descends on you all at once. Suppose you have never experienced large groups of teenagers ...

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‘This Is Insane’ Guests Are Begging for a Change to the Most Irritating Part of a Disney World Vacation

Lightning Lane

Before Covid, going on a Walt Disney World Resort vacation seemed so much simpler. Disney World had a number of conveniences in place that helped guests simplify their experience, and sadly, most of those are now gone. When you exited the plane, you went downstairs at MCO and jumped on Disney’s Magical Express. You didn’t need to worry about your ...

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