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Rick is an avid Disney fan. He first went to Disney World in 1986 with his parents and has been hooked ever since. Rick is married to another Disney fan and is in the process of turning his two children into fans as well. When he is not creating new Disney adventures, he loves to watch the New York Yankees and hang out with his dog, Buster. In the fall, you will catch him cheering for his beloved NY Giants.

Think Disney World Is Going To Build a Park in Your State? Think Again

Disney is not building mini Parks

Amid the Walt Disney Company’s fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, every state in America had big dreams of the vast complex of Disney World moving to their state. A state representative in North Carolina put forth a bill to set aside money to help woo the Magic Kingdom and its other Parks to the Tar Heel State. Former South ...

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Disney Is Redefining the World of Trash

trash at Disney World

When Walt Disney was designing Disneyland in California, he wanted to make sure it was the happiest but also the cleanest place on Earth. Disney researched human behavior to determine that the average person would walk 30 feet before dropping their trash on the ground. So, Walt instructed all his Park designers that there should be at least one trash ...

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Disney Begins Latest Round of Layoffs

Disney Begins Latest Round of Layoffs

Morale must be incredibly low at the Walt Disney Company’s media divisions. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced this month that Disney+ lost more than four million subscribers, and ad revenue at Disney’s network, including ABC and ESPN, dropped 35 percent so far this year as more consumers cut the cable cord. Disney’s media division has suffered through two rounds of ...

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The Movie and Television Industry Is About To Hit a Cataclysmic Wall

the movie and television industry is about to hit a cataclysmic wall

Remember back to March 2020, when Covid first started. Everyone was stuck at home and desperately searching for something to watch. Remember how desperate we all were that we even watched Tiger King on Netflix for some reason? We needed television and movies more than ever in those early dark days of the Pandemic. But now, we may be losing all of ...

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‘We’re Not Safe Here.’ Another Company Joins Disney in Suing Florida Over ‘Anti-Woke’ Laws

Another company joins Disney in suing Florida over "anti-woke" laws

Companies in the state of Florida are starting to get nervous. They are looking around the business and political landscape and are hearing from their employees, and it is beginning to make some companies nervous. When the Walt Disney Company spoke out against Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, very few companies joined them. Related: Disney is ...

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Hiding Behind the Feud With DeSantis Are Disney’s Business Struggles

Feud hides Disney's business struggles

If you paid attention to any news about the Walt Disney Company last week, you indeed heard that Disney canceled its Lake Nona project. This cancellation cost the state of Florida more than $1 billion in investment and 2,000 high-paying jobs. The headlines, of course, all said the same thing; Disney’s feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cost the state ...

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On the Day DeSantis 2024 Rumors Spread, Disney Kneecaps Him

Disney's Lake Nona Cancelation Has a Ripple Effect in the Surrounding Area

There are no coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason. And if we’ve learned nothing else in the feud between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Walt Disney Company, Disney is always one step ahead of the governor, and Disney is much better at crafting a narrative. Related: Governor DeSantis Responds to Canceled Lake Nona Project Earlier this morning, ...

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While Disney Laid Off Workers and Its Stock Tanked, Company Executives Made Millions

Disney executives made millions

Anytime a company begins to lose revenue, the average workers usually suffer the most. The top executives might get let go, but only after they’ve opened their golden parachutes. The Walt Disney Company is no different. While the company was laying off thousands of employees and Disney’s stock was tanking, its top executives were making millions. Related: Disney/ESPN Exec Laid ...

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