10 of the Craziest Things That Ever Happened at Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

4. Makeshift memorials are sometimes created at the Haunted Mansion—against park policy.

There are Disney fans and lovers of the Mouse all the world over. Young ones, old ones, middle-age ones and every age in between. And many are Disney fans all their lives long—some who even make requests about their ashes being spread at Disney Parks upon the end of their lives. And while this surely signifies a love for Disney that is difficult to put into words, the practice of spreading ashes at Disneyland is against park policy. It seems that several Guests have tried to do exactly that at the Haunted Mansion attraction, but alas, when it has happened, the ride has to be temporarily closed while the issue is addressed with the involved Guests.

5. A woman hid her baby so she could board a ride.

Once upon a time, a woman visited Disneyland Park, and not only was she a Disney fan, but she was a diehard Indy fan too! She wore a winter jacket—in the middle of the summer, which appeared strange to Cast Members. She was in the queue for the Indiana Jones Adventure attraction. They noticed that she appeared to be an expectant mother, and several Cast Members warned her that riding the attraction could pose a danger to her and her unborn baby. But she insisted on riding anyway. It wasn’t until after the woman boarded the Jeep ride vehicle and took off on her adventure with Indy that they realized she wasn’t expectant at all. Rather, she had hidden her baby in her jacket so that she could ride! Guests must be 46 inches tall to ride, and apparently the woman had read the rules and duly noted that her baby was nowhere near the minimum height.

6. Pluto had a rough day.

Once upon a time in 1997, it seems that Mickey’s beloved pooch had a rough day because of a family that was also having a bad day. They were waiting in line to meet Pluto when it was time for Pluto to take a quick break. The family was displeased (and that’s putting it mildly) that they would have to wait while Pluto left to bury a bone, and they exhibited their displeasure by attacking poor Pluto, pushing him into a nearby fountain and breaking his paw. Needless to say, police were called and kindly arrested the Pluto-punching family.

7. Grandma and grandchild spun too fast on the Mad Tea Party attraction.

Years ago—per her account—a young girl and her grandmother boarded a teacup at the Mad Tea Party attraction. They began to spin their ride vehicle round and round. And round and round, faster all the time. When the duo was finally spinning their teacup as fast as possible, instead of losing her lunch, Grandma lost her dentures—they flew out of her mouth and out of the attraction completely! Sorry, Grandma!

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