10 of the Craziest Things That Ever Happened at Disneyland

Disneyland Castle Fireworks

8. Counterfeit invitations were made for Disneyland’s Opening Day.

Six thousand invitations were sent out welcoming potential Guests to the Grand Opening of Disneyland. But somehow, by mid-afternoon on Opening Day, over 28,000 people were in the park. How? Over 22,000 counterfeit invitations had been forged!

9. A heat wave in 1955 threw off Opening Day.

Asphalt was laid in the park on the night before Disneyland would officially open to the public. Not only was there not enough time for the asphalt to completely set, but a heat wave had been beating down on the region for over two weeks. The heat wave was responsible for 110-degree temperatures on Opening Day. The asphalt was not only not yet set, but the heat on Opening Day made the pavement steam, and women who wore high heels that day found themselves stuck in the goo.

10. A plumbers’ strike and Opening Day didn’t mix well.

Another crazy setback for Disneyland’s Opening Day was the result of a plumbers’ strike at the time. On that hot day in July 1955—what should have been the happiest day ever—the toilets would work when the water fountains wouldn’t. And the water fountains would work when the toilets wouldn’t. Walt had a choice to make—he opted for the toilets to work. But there were no working water fountains, and the temperatures just kept soaring. Crazy indeed! Who knew that such a rough start would lead to one of the most successful business endeavors and concepts in family entertainment of all time!

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