10 Of The Most Amazing Restaurant Experiences At Disney World Resort

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Eating at Disney World is an experience in and of itself. In fact, we’d be willing to go to Disney parks and spend the entire vacation eating if we were ever offered a chance. After all, where else can you dine with dinosaurs or eat inside a castle?
Obviously, with so many incredible dining options to choose from, you're going to want to make sure you pick the best of the best. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know which ones those are if you’ve never been to the parks.
This is where we step in. We’ve curated a list of ten of the most immersive and amazing dining experiences in all of Disney World Resort. Let’s get started, shall we?

10. T-Rex Cafe

This super cool restaurant is owned by the same folks who own Rainforest Cafe, and it’s actually quite similar in a lot of ways. However, this is the only T-Rex Cafe out there, making this a much more unique experience.
What should you expect there? Dino animatronics, meteors, and lots of noisy fun!

9. Be Our Guest

Fans of Beauty and the Beastwill adore Be Our Guest. This eatery is interesting in that it's a quick-service location by day and a table-service restaurant by night. Whichever meal you choose, you will be treated to a meal in the castle from the movie, complete with a West Wing, a ballroom, and even snow falling outside the windows. This place is seriously magical.

8. Cinderella’s Royal Table

A meal at Cinderella's Royal Table is the quintessential Disney experience. Because of this fact, an enormous number of people are constantly clambering to get a seat at this restaurant. Therefore, if you wish to get in, you must reserve as soon as you possibly can.
If you do manage to reserve a seat, you will be treated to a lovely meal surrounded by multiple princesses, all while inside of the famous Magic Kingdom castle.

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