10 Rude Things People Do At Walt Disney World

Even though Walt Disney World is known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth”, there are a number of irritating things people do that don’t make sense, are rude, and could possibly cause you to lose your temper. The incidents I have listed have all occurred either to me, family members, or friends who have endured these cases of bad or inconsiderate behavior. Sometimes, you have to speak up, so the actions of a few discourteous people does not continue.

Rude Things To Avoid In Disney World:

10. Rainy Rudeness

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but in the summer, afternoon rain showers occur quite often, but last only short periods of time. When the rain begins, the ponchos and umbrellas come out and are nearly everywhere you look. The problem is when the rain is over and people who are oblivious to other people around them take their ponchos off and give them a good shake before they put them away. The person who is in the path of your poncho shower is not very appreciative of your act. They may let you know about your rudeness. Sometimes guests use their umbrellas without thinking about the space the umbrella takes up. Clipping someone with an umbrella, or tipping water onto them is not a polite gesture!

9. “Train-Jacking”

The Disney World Railroad takes you on a relaxing round trip circling the Magic Kingdom, with a couple of stops along the way. Why would this ever be a problem for short tempers? Well, this is what has happened to my family and I on one of our many visits to Disney World. The platform was not filled with a lot of people; the train pulled up, riders disembarked, and the entire train was basically empty. There was no real rush to board the train, so we found a car toward the back with plenty of seating. We all climbed on and spread out so several of the younger children could ride together. Just before the last passenger got on, a group of wild, noisy teenagers ran toward our car, and, yes, they pushed and shoved their way right in front of our group. They were loud, obnoxious, got in trouble for hanging their arms and legs outside of the train, made fun of the themed music and PA announcements, and generally ruined our relaxing train ride. Needless to say, we got off at the first stop, Frontierland, and waited to board the next train and resumed our trip, this time much more enjoyable. There is a difference between enjoying yourselves and being rude and annoying.

8. Demolition Derby

When I say “runners”, I am not talking about marathon runners at the special Disney marathons. I am talking about those people who are so intent on being first in line for whatever attraction they are in a hurry to get to. They are pushy, impatient, and will run over anyone or anything that gets in their way. The whole point of FastPasses and FastPass reservations is to eliminate the need to rush. Unfortunately, there are those few guests who are intent on getting in a few rides before their scheduled fast pass reservation. At Walt Disney World, excitement and wonder are emotions that tend to cast a spell over most of the guests who visit this most magical world. It is quite natural that when the rope drops, guests quickly make their way to their favorite attractions. What raises my temper is those parents who involve their children in a mad rush. I’ve even seen parents who have actually run ahead of their kids just to be first in line. Shame on them! Don’t worry (about being first), be happy, and have fun; Enjoy every minute of your stay at Walt Disney World. Oh, AND, take the time to make it enjoyable for OTHERS as well!

7. Parade Politeness

Walt Disney World and its four parks have some of the most imaginative parades, with colorful Disney themed floats, exciting music, and Disney characters. Guests begin lining the parade routes early to get that perfect view as the parade passes by. At some of the more popular parades, guests get their favorite spots two or three hours before the parade begins.

There are always those folks who are walking along on the sidewalks, and as the parade passes by stop where they are to watch. This causes a major traffic jam. For families with small children trying to exit the park, maneuvering through the already crowded sidewalks can become quite intense. Cast Members make every effort to prevent people from stopping in midstream to watch the parade. I have witnessed adults totally ignoring the Cast Members, often refusing to move along so they can watch the parade, no matter what. Standing in front of guests who have reserved their spots for hours is not polite. Neither is ignoring the instructions of Cast Members.

6. Line “Losers”

A queue, by definition, is a file or line, especially of people waiting their turn. More often than not, the lines at Walt Disney World are long and time consuming, so there is the temptation by some to attempt to break in line. Thanks to the FastPass system, breaking in line does not occur very often.

There is, however, another trend developing that really irritates me. This happened several times while we were standing in a long line. We had been in line for about 15 minutes, when from behind we noticed a group of about 6 individuals making their way through the line, past us. They then joined one single person in line ahead of us. This occurred more than once. The new trend of sending one person from your group ahead to grab a place in line, and then hold it for the rest of the group is complete disregard for others. Who wouldn’t get upset, especially if you are close to the boarding area, and here comes a bunch of people who have had no wait time. On occasion, it is understandable when a parent must take a little one to the restroom while the other is waiting in line. But the other more flagrant discourteousness is unacceptable.

5. Back Pack Bullies

The transportation system at Walt Disney World is phenomenal—boats, monorails, and buses, with the buses being the most popular and the busiest. Because they are so widely used, the buses tend to fill up very quickly, with standing room only. What upsets me on these bus rides are guests with their over-sized backpacks. On one bus ride, I was lucky enough to secure an aisle seat. Standing right beside me was a young man who had one of the largest backpacks I had every seen. He was completely unaware of people around him, and every time he turned to talk to his friend, I literally had to dodge his gigantic backpack. Again and again, I escaped being knocked in the head. I wanted to say something, but I was too busy dodging. My daughter who was sitting next to me found my dilemma quite amusing. Later, she told me I looked like a boxer dodging the “knockout” punch. I was not amused. To anyone standing on a bus with full backpacks, please remove your backpacks and put them on the floor between your feet. This is common railway courtesy!

4. Transportation Travesty

This complaint applies to buses and monorails. Adult men and women who are sitting on a bus fail to offer their seat to those guests who are older, or parents holding a baby. I do not hesitate to give up my seat for anyone who seems like they really need to be sitting. I am sad to say that on several occasions, I have witnessed adults who just sat there and watched as a Mom or Dad is trying to balance themselves while holding a baby, or an older person trying to hold on to keep from falling. Practice the Golden Rule: put others first.

3. Flash Faux Pas

At a Disney performance or attraction the Disney Host asks that there be no flash photography during the show or on a particular ride. It never fails – during the show someone always pulls out their phone or camera and flashes away. Why is that? Put the camera away! On dark rides in particular, think of the other guests and do not use flash that would be distracting to the attraction. Many guests have one opportunity to visit Disney and one opportunity to ride that particular ride. Please do not ruin their experience over your desire for 1 photograph or video!

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2. Child Fits and Fisticuffs

First of all, let me state that I have been bringing my children to Walt Disney World since they were toddlers. I know children can be a challenge, especially at an amusement park. They get tired, hungry, sleepy, etc. What agitates me are the parents who do not recognize unacceptable bad behavior. For example: a child who slaps, kicks, or screams at their parents because they want that Disney souvenir or toy, and they want it “NOW!” A child who is allowed to stand up on a ride because they don’t want to sit down, which forces a “please remain seated” announcement from the Cast Member who is monitoring the ride. An occasional outburst by pint-sized park guests is understandable considering the heat and exhaustion that plagues all little one’s at the parks. We would hope that parents would require good behavior from their kids helping the parks remain “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

1. Strollers, Wheelchairs, and Scooters… PEDESTRIANS… Oh My!

My #1 pet peeve are people who carelessly stop or turn into those around them. I know I have been bumped into many times by a stroller, and it is not fun; it is painful. Now, I will say that for the most part this accident occurs due to crowded conditions, especially in shops. There are, however, those accidents that occur because the navigator is too busy looking elsewhere and not paying attention to where they are going. I have empathy for those guests who are handicapped and confined to wheelchairs or scooters as well. Pedestrians need to be aware of their surroundings– do not stop directly in front of a wheelchair or scooter guest! They are unable to navigate from hitting you. We all need to be very aware of the space around us and IF you have a collision, please be willing to offer apologies even if you do not believe you were at fault! KINDNESS MATTERS.

Walt Disney built his parks with the singular purpose of creating a destination for families to play and explore the magic of Disney together. Nobody is perfect and unintentional altercations and issues are sure to arise when tens of thousands of people are in Disney parks at any given time. But, keep in mind that it’s not only your Disney trip you’re on, but you’re joining a collective of Disney fans from the world over! Be respectful, thoughtful and mindful of those around you. Your behavior and decisions will affect everyone around you and your kids are definitely learning from your actions. Remember what Cinderella says in her new movie: “have courage and be kind.” Practicing good manners at Disney parks is a must!

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