Top 10 Mickey Shaped Foods

Mickey Bar
Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Disney has a host of delectable treats shaped like Mickey Mouse. From ice cream to candy, here are a few of our favorite Mickey shaped foods.

10. Waffles — Thick Belgian waffles in the shape of Mickey’s head and dusted with powdered sugar can be found at almost any WDW Resort. These delicious waffles are made to hold plenty of syrup

9. Pretzels — How about a nice over-sized, freshly baked, warm-browned to perfection pretzel? Even better, how about one in the shape of Mickey’s head? At Walt Disney World, you can find this salty snack at the Frontierland Pretzel Wagon in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom. Don’t forget the cheese dipping sauce! Yummy!

8. Ice Cream — A really cold, refreshing treat is Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich. This combination of cookies and ice cream covered in a layer of chocolate is an excellent way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon at any Disney Park. This chilly treat is available at several kiosks at all four of the Walt Disney World Parks.

7. Cookies — Mickey Gingerbread Cookie—A soft molasses and ginger-flavored cookie, decorated with icing and made in the shape of Mickey, is a sure way to cure your craving for an in-between-meal snack. It is sweet, but the ginger and molasses make this cookie a flavorful treat for the palate.

6. Ice Cream — Another cold treat is the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar-creamy vanilla ice cream covered with a hard chocolate shell on a stick. This ice cream treat is one of the most popular in all the Parks and is available in all the parks.

5. Rice Krispie Treats — Yes, you can get a rice krispie treat in the shape of Mickey’s head. The Confectionary Store on Main Street(Magic Kingdom) always has an endless supply of this fun snack. You can get these treats plain or dipped in chocolate. Who can resist that combination of marshmallows and rice krispies, especially when they’re made to look like Mickey Mouse.

4. Gummy — Also available at the Main Street Confectionary is a Mega Mickey Gummy. This chewy candy is all about Mickey, his ears, big smile, black nose, pink tongue, etc. The hard part of eating this gummy is where to begin. Do you eat Mickey’s ears first, or maybe his nose? My choice-leave the Mickey Gummy in the package and keep it as a souvenir. But, that’s just me.

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3. Mickey Torte — The Mickey Chocolate Raspberry Torte is available at the counter service Mare eatery at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This decadent dessert is made up of a chocolate shortbread crust, with a filling of dark chocolate ganache and a layer of raspberry jam under the ganache, with star sprinkles on top. This is truly a masterpiece of chocolaty delight, Mickey shaped, of course.

2. Candy — Mickey Coconut Patties—The Main Street Confectionary has a wide variety of fun and delicious candies. One of these tasty treats is the Mickey shaped coconut patties—creamy chocolate dipped coconut patties, formed in the shape of, you guessed it, Mickey’s head.

1. Cake Pop — A fairly recent addition to the Mickey-shaped food category is this luscious cake on a stick. They combine cake(chocolate, vanilla, red velvet) and frosting in a sort of cake paste, then form this concoction in any shape, in this case, Mickey, then dip it in chocolate or a white chocolate coating with a generous amount of tinted sugar and placed on a stick. The cake pops come in an array of flavors and a rainbow of colors. You can find this scrumptious Mickey Cake Pop at the Main Street Confectionary, Hollywood Studios’ Sweet Treats, or Downtown Disney’s Goofy’s Candy Kitchen.

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