10 Out-of-This-World Souvenirs From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World

Savii's Workshop

8.  Darth Vader and the Empire Wooden Music Box/Toydarian Toymakers

This small wooden music box is decorated with laser cut symbols of the Empire and on top the Imperial Crest surrounded by Darth Vader and ships from the Empire.  When you open it up, inside the lid, is an infamous quotation: “Together We Can Bring Order to the Galaxy”.  Turn the tiny crank and you will hear John Williams’ Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme). This is a really cool keepsake for any “Star Wars” fan.

9.  Dejarik Holochess Boardgame Set/Toydarian Toymakers

This remarkable wooden board game is a replica of a board game which C3-PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca were playing on the Millennium Falcon in

“Star Wars”, Episode IV, “A New Hope”.  It comes with the heavy wooden base, 8 Dejarik pieces, and 24 checkers.  The chess board can be turned over for a game of checkers.  The design and look of this amazing board game makes it a highly collectible “Star Wars” souvenir.

10. Custom-Designed Lightsaber/Savi’s Workshop

Designing and creating your own personalized Lightsaber is more than purchasing a one-of-a-kind Lightsaber.  It is a full hands-on experience at Savi’s Workshop, and it is so popular that reservations are highly recommended.  You will enter a special room where the host or hostess (lead Gatherer) will welcome you, explain the history of the Lightsaber, and explain the assembly process.  First, you choose your kyber crystal which determines the color of the blade, then Savi’s Gatherers will provide the parts based on your previously chosen theme.  As you are building your Lightsaber the Gatherers will be there to help you if you have any assembling problems.  There is no rush and even if you’re the last one to finish building, they will wait for you before continuing the process.  Upon completion the Gatherers will collect any unused parts and return them to Savi’s inventory.

This is where it gets really exciting, but I’m not going to reveal all the secrets of this very unique experience.  I will say this.  You will feel like you have just become a member of an elite group of citizens who now possess the power of the Jedi, and every guest will receive a saber sheath on the way out.  Also, these Lightsabers look really spectacular at night!

There are so many great “Star Wars” Galaxy’s Edge souvenirs, ranging in price from a small Sith Wisdom Stone ($3.99) to a life-size First Order Stormtrooper Armor ($6,6615).  In between these two prices are a multitude of Galaxy’s Edge souvenirs to choose from.  Each themed shop has a variety of “Star Wars” merchandise, including apparel, toys, plush pets, hats, Mickey ears, jewelry, and all sorts of “Star Wars” collectibles.  The shops themselves are reminiscent of all the different sights and sounds of all the “Star Wars” movies.  Take your time and really observe all the very unique and themed characteristics of each shop. 

Disney has done a phenomenal job recreating this planet in a Galaxy far, far, away.  Photo Credit Disney

By Cecilia

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