10 Out-of-This-World Souvenirs From Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World

Droid Depot

A new land has just opened at Walt Disney World and is located at Hollywood Studios.  This anxiously awaited-for land is “Star Wars” Galaxy’s Edge, which will give every guest a new and exciting adventure in a Galaxy far, far, away.  The attractions, rides, shops, dining, and entertainment are all out of our world and takes place on the faraway planet of Bantuu, a remote outpost planet on the edge of the Galaxy’s Outer Rim Territories.  Once you enter this new land, the present is left behind and you are now in the future, where the landscape, the architecture, and the cast members are totally immersed in their portrayal as shopkeepers, Bantuu residents, visitors from other galaxies, and of course, the stormtroopers, the main ground force of the

Galactic Empire.  The souvenirs are extraordinarily unique, and there are plenty to choose from in this land far from our planet, Earth.

1.  Build-a-Droid/Depot

Try your hand at assembling a custom Astromech Unit (droid).  First, register your choice of a BB-series or R-series droid, and the clerk will provide a basket and blueprints for parts.  Step by step you will select all the components to customize your droid as the parts roll by on the shop’s conveyer belt.  Once complete, your droid will be paired with a remote control and activated as you watch it come to life.

2.  Interactive Remote Control R2-D2/Droid Depot

Adults and children alike will enjoy watching R2-D2 doing his best to entertain friends and family.  This famous droid will interact with other “Star Wars” Galaxy’s Edge droids and is equipped with light and sound effects, removable panels and doors, an awesome controller, and a personality chip port.  Personality chips and accessories are sold separately.

3.  Droid Inspired Mini Backpack and Matching Wallet/Droid Depot

These fabulous, beautifully designed mini backpacks and wallets feature a circuit board like print, with metallic prints of BB-8 and R2-D2.  The mini backpack’s golden straps and accents make it stand out, and the wallet has a special surprise.  When you unzip the wallet, it lights up.  How cool is that?  What a great addition to your “Star Wars” collection.

4.  “Star Wars” Galaxy’s Edge Clothing/Black Spire Outfitters

If you want to look like a Bantuu citizen, a character from a “Star Wars” movie, or a Jedi Warrior, this is the place to shop.  Guests can choose to mix and match robes, tunics, scarves, and belts to create their own personal “Star Wars” image, including an authentically-designed black Jedi robe.  Dressing up is not just for children.  The Black Spire Outfitters shop has “Star Wars” apparel for the whole family.


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