10 Pros and Cons About Staying At A Disney Resort

Walt Disney World has some of the most amazing and unique resorts in the world. You can go from the classic stylings of the Contemporary, to the rustic bayou at Port Orleans Riverside and all the way to the middle of the Serengeti at Animal Kingdom Lodge among just a few. There are many pros and possibly a few cons about staying in one of the many resorts on property. Here are my top ten…

10. Pro: Complementary transportation around the World

Walt Disney World has a very extensive transportation system. If you happen to drive to WDW, once you park your car at your particular resort you never have to touch it again. If you fly, your Disney vacation begins as soon as you step onto the Magical Express which delivers you directly to your resort. From there you can get anywhere in the World that you desire to go.

9. Pro: 24/7 Disney hospitality

Disney customer service is well known for being among the best of any company in the world. They really do an excellent job of making sure your visit is as magical as it can possibly be. Why not have that superb service for your entire vacation by staying on property at a Disney resort? From the moment you arrive to the time you leave, you’ll truly get that oh so unique Disney experience from everyone you encounter.

8. Pro: Wonderful theming and immersiveness

Walt Disney World’s resorts appeal to a vast array of guests by using unique theming throughout each resort. They use the Disney immersive magic to transport us to whichever theme that particular resort has. Everything from being on a turn of the century Atlantic city boardwalk at Boardwalk Villas, to being around your favorite sports at All Star Sports, or being transported to Florida in the late 19th century victorian era at the Grand Floridian to name a few; WDW resorts truly have something for everyone.

7. Pro: Access to the Magical Express (only if flying)

If you happen to be flying to Orlando and staying at a Walt Disney World resort you automatically get the complimentary bus service to your resort otherwise know as the Magical Express. Not only that but your luggage will be delivered to your room. Once you arrive and get checked in the world is yours! Keep in mind it can take a couple of hours to get your luggage to your room so if you need something from your bags grab it before boarding the bus. All the specifics are available on the official Disney web site.

6. Pro: Amazing restaurants and lounges

Each resort at Walt Disney World has its own unique eating establishment and most of them have some amazing and relaxing lounges. If you want to eat at a certain restaurant in a different resort or hang out in an epic lounge you’re just a short bus ride away to any of the other resorts you wold like to hang out in. My personal favorite is the River Roost Lounge at Port Orleans Riverside. The Yee Haw Bob show is so much fun and very interactive. Exploring the other resorts in WDW could easily be a day by itself and it is truly worth it.

5. Pro: Unique individual gift shops

Every Walt Disney World resort has its own gift shop where you can find all of your favorite souvenirs; some unique to each individual resort. This is a good thing in case you weren’t able to get that last minute Disney treasure on your last day in the parks. It can also be a bad thing if you’re trying to budget on souvenir spending. It makes it very easy to splurge.

4. Pro: Epic pools and water activities

Water activities in Florida are available almost any time of the year. Walt Disney World takes advantage of this by providing fun and exciting pools and water activities. Each resort has a pool or multiple pools that are wonderfully themed. You can also take part in a variety of fun water activities from 2 person Sea Raycers to full size boat rentals. Check out our article “Top 5 Disney World Resort Pools” for more info.

3. Pro: Package delivery to your resort

Have you been in one of the parks at WDW and picked out a wonderful souvenir that is a must have, but you really don’t want to carry it around and take it on the attractions with you? Well, if you are staying at a WDW resort they provide complimentary package delivery from any of the parks. This is a wonderful service that I have taken advantage of and it works perfectly.

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2. Pro: Extra magic hour

The extra magic hour can be a pro or a con depending on how you decide to take advantage of it. Due to the increase in attendance over the years, when you arrive for the extra mooring hour it almost seems like a regular opening. It can be somewhat discouraging especially if you were expecting to be first in line. This happened to my wife and I a few times. We decided to turn our frowns upside down and see the positive. We started using the extra morning hour days to sleep in and arrive at the park when the lines to enter were way down. This way we were able to walk right in and the crowd was already dispersed and we still had a full day to spend letting out our inner kiddies!

1. Con: It makes it almost impossible to stay anywhere else

Orlando is home to a plethora of wonderful and elegant resorts. Once you stay at a Walt Disney World resort it makes it really hard and nearly impossible to stay anywhere else. It can even get hard to stay at a different resort at WDW when you develop a fondness for a certain one. Fortunately with the transportation system at WDW, you’re just a short trip away from exploring over 20 fantastic resorts of your choice!

If it is your first Walt Disney World vacation or if you have never stayed on property I really do encourage it. It is truly the best way to get the most out of your WDW trip. Be sure and utilize all the information available out there for each resort to decide which one is best for you. Enjoy!

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