10 Reasons Proper Planning is Critical For Walt Disney World

Every vacation is different, and so is every vacationer. To some, the idea of an unplanned vacation might sound horrific, while others might relish the chance to do something unexpected. Some people might prefer a more in-between approach, with minimal planning and lots of options. Here are ten reasons to plan your next Disney vacation, no matter what type of planner you are!

10) Quiet rest areas are easy finds. In the midst of an action-packed day, sometimes all you really want is a chance to sit down. Finding these precious spaces is much easier when you already know where they are!

9) Time crunches can be avoided. Time can fly on a vacation, and when you suddenly realize you have five minutes to cross the park? Stress can overcome you quickly. Having a plan ensures that you can avoid panic; just make sure you leave a little room between events, so you’re not checking your watch too often.

8) Improvisations are more convenient. Make a few alternate plans to give yourself more options whenever the schedule needs to change. After all, planning and flexibility do not need to be antonyms; watch your plans expand with your adaptability!

7) Your memory can be refreshed. The last vacation experience you want is leaving Disney World, getting on a plane, and remembering something that you forgot to do. Take the time to actually look at each park’s list of attractions, rides, and restaurants; you might suddenly be reminded to visit Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. And don’t forget to give some love to resorts too; they have a lot to offer!

6) Planning is an easy way to figure out what you actually want to do. You may imagine yourself doing every possible activity in the parks, but, in reality, you will find that your subconscious makes certain ideas and attractions appeal to you more than others. Maybe you look at a list of activities and feel excited and energized, or maybe that long list just makes you feel tired. Take note of these feelings as you are planning your trip; those reactions will tell you if you’d actually rather be taking a longer, slower trip and hanging out at your resort more, or if you really would love to take a park by storm every day.

5) You are far more likely to enjoy your favorite rides and attractions when you know exact times and locations. Prioritizing is a huge part of a successful Disney vacation. If you know you want to go on Soarin’, make that your number one task for a day, and make sure you’ve blocked it out in your schedule!

4) Coordinating with the weather is easier. If you find yourself in the midst of a scorching afternoon, you will be glad to know the optimal shady spots. Places with tree cover are usually the coolest, so opt for the Animal Kingdom if the heat isn’t letting up.

3) You can avoid more crowds. If you know what’s popular, then you know where the crowds will be. If you’ve ever tried to get through the impossibly thick crowd that forms during Magic Kingdom fireworks, then you understand the value of that knowledge. Planning around these crowds can make your trip far more relaxing, and help you catch rides when their lines are shorter!

2) A short to-do list helps you avoid being overwhelmed. In case the amount of articles on this website is not a big clue, there is a lot going on at Walt Disney World. With multiple destinations (not to mention everything in your resort), it can seem challenging to cross everything off your list. Minimizing that list will allow you to keep your energy level up and protect you from your own ambitions. Your vacation shouldn’t feel like a scavenger hunt!

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1) Planning is a subtle warning that your Disney vacation might not be perfect. Looking over the parks’ websites, your resort’s activities, and your packing list can all be a bit frustrating. While you should definitely avoid overdosing on planning, struggling a little before your vacation can be a good thing! Vacations do not fix every problem in your life, even Disney ones; from surly companions to sore feet, there are bound to be some obstacles on any trip. Going on a Disney vacation does not mean that you have to be ecstatic constantly! Riding the road-bumps of planning will help mentally prepare you for that reality on the trip, so that you can stop trying so hard to be happy and genuinely unwind.

Planning has its own variety. Just starting your vacation with a list of goals–and a basic timeline of your reservations–will keep you from missing out. And if you’d really just rather vacation on a moment-to-moment basis, have fun! Whether or not you have a plan, you are sure to meet success if you just allow yourself to relax–and let the Disney magic guide you!

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