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Walt Disney’s Beloved Plane Is Being Dismantled

disney plane

Many fans of Walt Disney (the man who founded the Walt Disney Company, Disneyland, and Walt Disney World alongside his brother Roy Disney) will already know that Walt Disney was a big train enthusiast. However, Walt Disney was also a big fan of airplanes — and now one of his very own planes is being broken into pieces! Walt Disney ...

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Disney Decorates Magic Kingdom for Halloween Party

mickey's not so scary halloween party

Summer might still be in full swing, but the Cast Members in Walt Disney World Resort are already hard at work transforming Disney’s Magic Kingdom to suit some fall celebrations! Journalist Ashley Carter has shared images from the Walt Disney World Resort’s famous theme park, the Magic Kingdom, revealing that the Magic Kingdom is putting on more and more of ...

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Marvel Stars Announce Unexpected Engagement and Pregnancy

zawe ashton tom hiddleston

With the arrival of so many new Marvel characters onscreen in theaters or on Disney+, it’s not surprising that Tom Hiddleston’s Norse character Loki has fallen a bit to the wayside. After all, characters like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and Valkyrie have become fan favorites as their shows (or most recent Thor movie) have been released — but the English ...

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Disney+ Subscribers Receive Special Disney World Discount

disney world sale

If you’re a subscriber of the Disney+ streaming service from the Walt Disney Company, and you’ve been eyeing the calendar in hopes of planning your next Walt Disney World Resort vacation and buying some Walt Disney World tickets, then you’re in luck! Walt Disney World Resort is now offering a discount on Disney vacations for any Disney+ subscribers! For any ...

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Sneak Peek of ‘Blizzard Beach’ Refurbishment Is Revealed

blizzard beach

Many Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort attractions have been going through changes recently, with some attractions being closed for renovations temporarily and others (such as Splash Mountain) being closed on a more permanent basis. As these changes have come into effect, one of Walt Disney World Resort’s water parks has been closed for refurbishments (even as Disney World’s ...

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Guests Fight Near ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

disneyland fight

The behavior of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and Disneyland Paris Guests has worsened recently and has varied between mistreating Disney Cast Members, breaking Disney Park rules, and fistfighting. A brawl in the Magic Kingdom recently led to arrests and lifetime bans, and now another Disney Guest has started a fight — although this Guest’s motives might be a ...

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Guest Yells at Cast Member and Challenges Disney Dress Code

cast member kali river rapids

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort (not to mention Disneyland Paris) Guests have been behaving increasingly badly in the Disney Parks and Resorts, breaking rules and fistfighting or yelling at Disney Cast Members. Now, yet another Walt Disney World Guest has behaved badly and unkindly towards a Cast Member — but this time, the Guest’s reaction involved the Disney ...

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Walt Disney Defends ‘Disney Adults’ in Rare Footage

disney adults

Disney Parks and Resorts like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been topics of contention for many Disney fans in recent months, mainly due to the bad behavior of Guests who are visiting said Disney Parks or Disney Resorts. Many Disney World or Disneyland Guests are adults who do not have children, i.e. “Disney Adults,” and these adult ...

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Disney Mansion Sells After Going on ‘Sale’ For $12 Million

disney real estate golden oak

It’s one thing to fantasize about living close to Walt Disney World Resort; it’s quite another to fantasize about living near Walt Disney World Resort in a mansion within a Disney community! One of the mansions in the Golden Oak Estates Disney neighborhood (a Disney community that requires an expensive Golden Oak Club membership) has just sold at a discounted ...

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Fan Shares Surprising Theory About ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’

alice in wonderland peter pan

Disney fans and Marvel fans are never coming up short when it comes to conspiracy theories or fanmade theories about their favorite Disney characters, Pixar characters, or Marvel characters. Now, one Disney fan has shared a particularly intriguing theory involving Wendy Darling’s mother in the 1953 movie Peter Pan and the character Alice from the 1951 movie Alice in Wonderland! ...

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