Guests Evacuate Disney Roller Coaster After Mysterious “Issue”


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs roller coaster in Fantasyland within the Magic Kingdom — but apparently, things were not so magical on the Disney World roller coaster recently!

Disney World Guests had to evacuate the roller coaster (which takes passengers through a diamond mine from the 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie) at an incline on December 6, as seen in the photo from Reddit shown below.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Evacuations like this seem to be, unfortunately, more and more common for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort Guests.

Sometimes, evacuations are done at even greater heights on a Disney roller coaster — but Disney Guests are actually getting used to the “ridiculous” number of ride breakdowns, simultaneous shutdowns, and malfunctions on Disney rides or roller coasters (which seems to be related to Disney’s understaffed maintenance department and lack of mechanics).

As Disney puts it on the Walt Disney World Resort website, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a thrilling ride involving “hairpin turns”, “a creaky cart” in a diamond mine shaft, and “glittering jewels” — not to mention the dwarfs themselves and their signature song “Heigh, Ho”!

Seven dwarfs in ride exit from WaltDisneyWorld

However, this ride was thrilling in a more unintended way for Guests this time. The stairs were tricky for some roller coaster passengers to navigate, especially on an incline.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Apparently, at least one Guest was told that the ride evacuation was due to “a Guest issue” — which begs the question: is “Guest issue” a new Cast Member and Disney Park code for “misbehaving Guest” or “ride jumper”?

We already know that Cast Members and theme park operations staff have plenty of secret codes for emergencies and situations that need to be dealt with discreetly, so perhaps “Guest issue” is indeed the start of a new code meant to deal with Disney Guests’ increasingly-bad behavior!

Disney Park Guests have been behaving so badly that there is actually a documentary being made to study the unpleasant phenomenon, and many Disney Guests have jumped off of moving ride vehicles as of late (including a clamshell). 

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