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Sharon is a writer and animal lover from New England. Sharon's two main focuses in her work are Disney's correlations with pop culture and the significance of Disney princesses (which was the basis for her college thesis). When she's not writing about Disney, Sharon spends her time singing, dancing, and cavorting with woodland creatures!

Disney Park’s Castle Transforms Into ‘Pandora’

pandora exhibit avatar

We have already known for quite some time that Avatar: The Way of Water is on its way after many years of audiences’ anticipation — and now we know even more about the upcoming Avatar sequel — but apparently, the Na’vi and Pandora have dominated an entire Disney Park, too! Shanghai Disney Resort has a new Avatar: Explore Pandora exhibit that has just opened, ...

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Guests Complain About Disney’s High-End Dining Prices

victoria and albert's prices

Disney Guests have been complaining about high Disney prices for many months now — and even resorting to deception in order to avoid paying said high prices in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort — and now it looks like Disney Guests have found something else to complain about in that realm: Disney’s luxury dining options! This time, Disney ...

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Disney Guests Confess That They’ve Snuck Children Into Parks

family sneaks child in stroller to avoid disney prices

Disney Guests have been shockingly divided in recent months, as some Disney Guests have become disillusioned with their Disney experience in Walt Disney Company destinations like Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort while others have used their Disney vacations to descend further and further into inappropriate behavior (including fistfights and jumping onto Disney rides). Now, it seems like there ...

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‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Becomes More Inclusive

encanto bruno asl

To some Disney Fanatics, the siren song of the Encanto soundtrack might feel like a far-off, distant memory. After all, Encanto came to viewers many months ago. However, the movie made quite an impression on audiences since its premiere — and mainly because of its notoriously-catchy and addicting song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. The misunderstood Uncle Bruno and his theme song might have ...

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Disney Park Struggles to Control Trespassing Guests

disney no trespassing sign

Disney Park Guests are at it again! We have seen Guests brawl in the streets of the Magic Kingdom, jump onto moving Pirates of the Caribbean boats, and openly harass Disney Cast Members during their days in Disney Parks. Unfortunately, it has become clear that this kind of unacceptable behavior has extended to Disney Parks and Disney Resorts across the globe, not ...

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Closing Date for “it’s a small world” Is Announced

small world ride closed

Disney Fanatics have been on edge in recent months, since many announcements from the Walt Disney Company (including announcements at the recent D23 Expo in Anaheim, California) have led to divided opinions among the Disney-loving community. Many Disney Park Guests have had to bear the brunt of unexpected Disney Park ride closures — or worse, Disney Resort ride closures that ...

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‘Snow White’ Actress Defends the ‘Little Mermaid’

rachel zegler halle bailey

Halle Bailey, the actress playing Ariel the little mermaid in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the 1989 film The Little Mermaid, has been receiving a lot of hate for playing “Black Ariel”. Bailey herself has responded to the negative opinions in a surprisingly positive way — but Bailey apparently has another Disney princess in her corner, too: Snow White! Rachel Zegler, ...

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‘Little Mermaid’ Actress Responds to ‘Black Ariel’ Criticisms

halle bailey little mermaid ariel

When the new teaser trailer for the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid was released earlier this month, responses were certainly mixed. Some Disney Fanatics loved seeing singer Halle Bailey in her Ariel costume, singing “Part of Your World” and showing off her vocal abilities. Others were ambivalent and preferred the original 1989 version of the mermaid Disney princess — ...

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CONFIRMED: Johnny Depp Dates His (Married) Lawyer

johnny depp joelle rich

The American actor Johnny Depp has headed back into the limelight — and back to work in Hollywood — as he recovers from the arduous Depp v Heard trial that made the Pirates of the Caribbean star and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, the subject of many news headlines. The Black Mass actor seems to be in many fans’ good graces still, but apparently, ...

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Disney Bans Family After They Break ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Rules

pirates ride disneyland ban

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Guests have certainly been putting Disney’s security teams and Disney’s Cast Members to the test recently, with everything from fistfights to abuse on their track record — but social media influencers have also been causing trouble, and one social-media-loving woman has been banned from Disneyland after exhibiting some shocking behavior on a classic Disney ...

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