Spectrum Customers Complain After Beloved Show’s Removal

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Disney’s tussle with Spectrum (Charter Communications’ cable branch) did not go unnoticed by Disney Fanatics, especially since it threatened many of said Disney Fanatics’ favorite Disney channels.

Now that the carriage fees hurdle seems to be resolved, one would think that Disney fans could breathe a sigh of relief and get back to picking up their TV remotes — but no!

Despite the conflict’s resolution, several Disney-affiliated channels have reportedly become unavailable for Spectrum customers.

Disney and Spectrum dispute

Credit: Spectrum; Disney

Even though the loss of channels like Baby TV, Freeform, FXM, FXX, Nat Geo Wild, and Nat Geo Mundo will be very annoying or upsetting for plenty of Spectrum customers, it is the loss of the Disney-specific and children-focused Disney channels that are proving to be many customers’ biggest cause for concern.

Disney-loving audiences (especially parents who watch a lot of TV with their children) are complaining about the removal of Disney Junior and Disney XD from their offerings.

The discontented parents took to X (formerly known as Twitter) in order to release their rage and disappointment, making it clear that one particularly big point of contention is a little show known as Bluey.

Don’t Mess With Bluey

Any parent with television access will most likely be familiar with the Australian animated kids’ show about a family of Blue Heelers (i.e. dogs).

The antics of Bluey, her sister Bingo, and their parents (Chilli and Bandit) have charmed fans worldwide and brought the BBC Studios show to staggering levels of success.

bluey characters

Credit: Disney

Plenty of Disney Adults and Disney-loving parents have confessed that they would happily watch the show on their own, without any children present, and Disney Fanatics are very open to the idea of a Bluey Disney Park attraction.

Even celebrities have confessed when it comes to their Bluey obsessions — and whenever Bluey is criticized or threatened, its viewers tend to get feisty.

“I Am So Mad Right Now”

Bluey certainly comes with its own phenomenon, but Disney also has plenty of other fun shows that can be found on Disney Junior and Disney XD, such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Gravity Falls. 

“I am so mad right now…I loved those channels,” one angry Disney Junior and Disney XD fan protested online.

Today’s Children “Won’t Get the Chance” to Enjoy Disney Junior

“Disney Junior was such a huge part of my daughter’s life,” another fan Tweeted sadly. “We spent so many happy hours together watching shows there. Sad other kiddos won’t get the chance.”

As one Disney Fanatic pointed out, Spectrum has offered a Disney+ sweetener to placate customers — but are these Disney fans too angry to pay attention to that detail right now? These Tweets seem to suggest that the answer is yes!

Are you a Spectrum customer who will sorely miss these Disney channels? Is Bluey a favorite of yours in particular?

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