The ‘Bluey’ News Every Parent Has Been Desperately Waiting to Hear

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Ok, I refuse to think I’m alone in this! Is Disney’s animated Bluey series one that is on your television, tablet, or all streaming devices regularly? You understand then when this parent is thrilled to hear the Bluey news all of us have been desperately waiting for.

For the readers new to Bluey; Bluey it’s an Australian animated series that Disney Channel picked up to its Disney Junior television network, as well as streaming on Disney+. The adorable series follow Bluey, a Blue Heeler puppy that is bursting with imagination and energy.

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Bluey has a sister named Bingo, a father named Bandit, and a mother named Chilli. Bluey and Bingo play together often, with Mom (Chilli) and Dad (Bandit) regularly joining in on the fun. Neighboring dogs make appearances in different episodes, with friendship fun present in much of the series.

Not only do we find Bluey hilariously real in how the modern everyday family life is, but the program prides itself on themes of family, growing up, friendships, and fears.

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While we’ve watched several animated series with our children over the years, Bluey is one we are happy to sit and watch along with as we adore the humor, relatable themes, and slight parenting messages thrown into the mix.

And while we’ve thoroughly enjoyed having Bluey series one and series two available on Disney+… there are only so many times a person can listen to the same Bluey episode over and over again!

Great news! Official Bluey TV as announced NEW episodes are on the way to Disney+! It has been announced that series 3 is arriving on August 10, 2022:

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Want a sneak peek at series 3? Check out the video clip below:

We told the kids about the new season, and we already have a family date night to watch a few on Wednesday, August 10th, when Bluey‘s series three releases. Enjoy, Disney fans!

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