TikToker Accuses Prince Charming of “Foot Fetish” in Hilarious Viral Video

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WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Even though many other Disney Princesses have followed her, the original Cinderella from the 1950 animated Disney movie is still an iconic Disney heroine with a penchant for animals, an often-under-appreciated inner strength, and a knack for impromptu dancing.

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Prince Not-So-Charming

Cinderella’s love interest, Prince Charming, tends to fade into the background more than Cinderella does (and as we know, the version of Prince Charming from the 2015 Cinderella film was far more palatable) since more modern Disney Princes like Flynn Rider or Prince Naveen of Maldonia have taken center stage.

However, one TikToker has just highlighted something strange from Prince Charming’s story — and that potentially-scandalous plot line has brought this Disney Prince back into the limelight!

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What’s a Duke to Do?

In a hilarious Instagram reel and TikTok video created by TikToker Jack Innanen, Innanen role-plays as Prince Charming and his majordomo, the Grand Duke.

I met the most beautiful woman last night,” Innanen says while portraying Prince Charming in the video shown below. “I didn’t get her name. I must find her.


Credit: Disney

When asked by the Grand Duke about identifying traits such as her “hair color” and a “brief description,” Prince Charming ignores the requests and asks for only one strategy.


prince charming

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I need you to round up all the women from the village so I can look at their feet,” Prince Charming demands. “Lined up sockless.”

The Grand Duke seems disturbed by the demand, and reminds Prince Charming that just being told “what she looks like” would be a far more efficient method — but Prince Charming insists that the women be shown to him “barefoot”, exhibiting distinct signs of the sexual fetish known as a “foot fetish”.

The Grand Duke agrees to “round up” the “barefoot” women for the Prince, but only under duress.

cinderella's glass slipper

Credit: Disney

“Prince Foot Fetish”

Jack Innanen has gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and millions of followers on TikTok, and a staggering number of them apparently loved this video about Prince Charming’s allegedly-foot-based sexual preferences.

Prince Foot Fetish was always my favorite Disney Prince,” one Instagram user commented laughingly.

Prince Charming’s assistant was the OG ‘FeetFinder,‘” another amused fan wrote.

Did it ever occur to you that Prince Charming’s focus on Cinderella’s feet might have been an indication of a foot fetish? Do you like delving into the more scandalous elements of Disney Princess movie characters, or do you prefer to keep them clean-cut in your mind?

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