Disneyland Influencer Goes Too Far, Fans Disgusted as Woman Films Sexual Video in Park

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Have you ever seen a Disneyland influencer? The chances are, you totally have. But there’s a good chance you’ve never seen a Disneyland influencer like this…

WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Over the last few years, Disney’s presence on social media has absolutely exploded. Every day, hundreds of people head to a Disney park in the hopes of getting that perfect shot or video. Many Disney influencers are amazing sources of Disney parks news. They share helpful hints, food reviews, and Disney secrets that many people may not know.

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However, not every “influencer” who visits a Disney park is a Disney influencer. They are looking to film videos and take pictures that will get them views and likes, but they aren’t really focused on Disney. One such “influencer” was recently spotted at Disney California Adventure Park, and Disney fans and guests are not happy with what they saw.

The Instagram account Influencers in the Wild shared a clip of a woman standing near the water ride Grizzly River Run. A man holds a phone in his hand and films a woman as she shakes her large breasts and bounces so they go up and down. The video shows a woman partially on the screen, and it is clear that she is watching what is happening.

Disneyland Resort is incredibly busy this time of year, so she is most likely not the only person who saw what was happening and what the woman was doing.

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Commenters were shocked and grossed out by what the woman was doing at a place aimed at families. One woman went so far as to call it “disgusting”.

Yeah let’s just film NSFW content in a theme park for children. The perversion is just disgusting.

Being a Disney adult has become something very controversial recently, and some pointed out that the woman in the video was not a Disney adult and did not want to be associated with her.

Every adult who goes to Disney isn’t a “Disney Adult”…That’s a category all it’s own. Don’t do that to the rest of us ?

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While many people were not happy with what the woman was doing, others took a more humorous approach. A number of people commented that the woman would be able to write the trip off as a business expense.

Others joked that her OnlyFans account maybe paid for the trip. Some joked that she promised her OnlyFans subscribers Disney content, and that’s what she meant.

Have you ever seen a Disneyland influencer acting inappropriately while visiting the parks? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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