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TikToker Accuses Prince Charming of “Foot Fetish” in Hilarious Viral Video

disney cinderella prince charming

Even though many other Disney Princesses have followed her, the original Cinderella from the 1950 animated Disney movie is still an iconic Disney heroine with a penchant for animals, an often-underappreciated inner strength, and a knack for impromptu dancing. Prince Not-So-Charming Cinderella’s love interest Prince Charming tends to fade into the background more than Cinderella does (and as we know, ...

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Who Needs Disney Princes Anyway?

disney princes redundant

Disney Princesses are some of the most prominent Disney characters. From the classics — Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Cinderella (Cinderella), and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), to the more modern Disney Princess like Moana (Moana) and Tiana (Princess and the Frog), these women have captured our hearts and minds and become embedded in pop-culture. But that leaves ...

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Disney Faces Demands For Trans Princes and Princesses

trans version of ariel

During an interview with Times of India, comedian Margaret Cho (who has recently entered the ‘Disney world’ via her role as a guidance counselor in the new Disney Channel Original Movie and Disney+ movie Prom Pact) made it clear that Disney can and should, in her opinion, begin to focus on “trans characters” in lead roles. Cho’s character in Prom Pact (which is ...

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Disney Announces Special Princess Event

world princess week

Disney princesses are an iconic staple when it comes to the Walt Disney Company. They are present in plenty of Disney films, Disney musicals, and Disney Parks. However, with the constant introduction of new Disney or Pixar (or Marvel) characters to Disney culture, Disney princesses can sometimes seem to be taken for granted. Now, Disney princesses’ big chance to be ...

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Original ‘Snow White’ Story Confirmed No Kiss

snow white kiss

There have been lots of modern Disney princesses or Disney heroines in recent years who either directly shun romance (like Merida in the 2012 animated movie Brave) or who simply ignore the concept of romantic relationships altogether, like Elsa in Frozen (2012) or Moana in her 2016 Disney film. However, when it comes to classic Disney princesses like Snow White from ...

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‘Maleficent’ Princess Elle Fanning Receives Another Award Nomination For ‘The Great’


If you haven’t been following Elle Fanning and only know her as actress Dakota Fanning’s little sister, then you’ve been missing out as a Disney fanatic. Not only has Elle played a classic Disney princess (with the Disney princess makeup, Disney princess mannerisms, Disney princess clothing, and Disney princess wedding all included) in ‘Maleficent’ and ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ opposite ...

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Fit For A Prince: A Profile of Disney’s Notable Male Protagonists

Disney Princesses undeniably dominate the movie scene in comparison to many of their supporting male counterparts. Ironically, it is some of these secondary male characters who are the actual royals responsible for bestowing various Disney Princesses with their regal status to begin with. In other instances, you have movies that star a male protagonist who ultimately ends up being outshined ...

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Take A Look Behind the Scenes of Princess Aurora’s Wedding in ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’

Even though ‘Maleficent: Mistress of Evil’ premiered in theaters two years ago, its cast members have continued to treat fans to glimpses from life on set while filming the Disney blockbuster. Elle Fanning (the American actress who played Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty) in both Maleficent movies) has consistently shared wonderful images from behind the scenes, and now ‘Maleficent: ...

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Beauty and The Beast’s “Gaston” Is Offering A Private Zoom For Charity


Before Disney fans head online for the charity-focused trivia night that Lily James is hosting on November 4th, any Disney fanatics who also love Luke Evans (from Beauty and the Beast) may want to sign up for his charity-focused auction! The Welsh actor, who is not only known for his role as Gaston but also for his roles in non-Disney ...

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Princess Tiana’s Limited-Edition Makeup Collection Has Been Released

BĂ©same Cosmetics is known for its luxurious Disney-princess-inspired makeup collections, and the cosmetics company has just launched a special Princess and the Frog product! The “Tiana Disney Princess Signature Compact” includes both a dark berry lipstick and “a natural gold highlight powder” packaged in a gorgeous, high-quality makeup compact. According to the product’s description on the BĂ©same Cosmetics website, “This ...

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