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Fun Facts About Disney’s Goofy

No classic cartoon goofball is goofier than Disney’s one and only legendary Goofy. A longtime fan favorite, this overgrown, clumsy anamorphic dog pal of Mickey Mouse is downright loveable, and his upbeat attitude, humorous tactics, and laughable mishaps are enough to crack a smile from even the stoniest of faces. But don’t let all the levity and jesting fool you; ...

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Fun Facts About Disney’s Daisy Duck

Daisy Duck is perhaps the finest waterfowl ever to grace Walt Disney cartoon classics. As Donald’s better half, she exudes her true nature as a strong supporting female that lovingly accepts her man (or duck, in this case) in good times and bad, despite his hotheaded temper and other numerous plucky quarks. A true lady in every respect, Daisy’s dainty ...

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What We Know So Far about Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ever since the first announcement came in 2017 that Walt Disney World Resort in Florida would premier a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy themed ride, faithful fans of those famed intergalactic misfits and thrill ride seekers alike have been eagerly awaiting word on any and all developments attached to the project. Unlike the previous Guardians of the Galaxy – ...

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Loveable Oddballs: Disney Protagonists Who Just Don’t Fit In

One of the most notable attributes shared by many of Disney protagonists across the board is their tendency toward originality. More often than not, Disney’s most beloved characters have been known to wield defining personality traits that separate them from the everyday confines of convention. Then there are others that stand out for other unique qualities of a more physical ...

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Top Table-Service Restaurants with Outdoor Seating at Walt Disney World

Dining al fresco while visiting Walt Disney World Resort can make for a most exceptional experience in a number of ways. From majestic views to stellar vantage points, outdoor dining definitely has its perks any time of the year. And with current challenges being what they are, outdoor dining is a more desirable option than ever before. Fortunately, there are ...

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The Best Disney Gifts for 2020

World of Disney

’Tis the season to buy Disney! And boy, have we got plenty of ideas to share with you for 2020 holiday gift giving in full Disney mode. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or just looking to brighten up the end of what’s been a pretty rough year with some uplifting Disney magic, we have the ultimate list of trending Disney ...

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Best Disney Movies To Watch For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to come together with family and loved ones to share in food, festivities, and fellowship. Gathering together for a little heartwarming movie watching is also on the list of traditions for many. And due to their family-friendly nature, we feel that our suggestion for unwinding with a couple Disney movies throughout the day should be uppermost ...

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Decadent Desserts in Walt Disney World For Special Diets

Dole Whip

These days more people than ever before follow special dietary regimes due to lifestyle choices or underlying health conditions. But fortunately, we live in a time when it’s never been easier to accommodate the varying needs of such individuals. This is especially good news when talking about dessert time—an event that most would mutually agree upon as being the best ...

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22 of the Best Disney Movies To Watch for Halloween

Thrills and chills are in the air as the Halloween season gets underway in full swing. And what better way to get into the spirit than by watching a lot of ghoulishly good spine-tingling movies? And yes, we’re talking about Disney movies, reputedly known for delivering on traditional heart-warming family-friendly quality. You may be mystified by the possibility of scary ...

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10 Facts About Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort

Welcome to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin—two stately sister hotels standing side by side one another in the heart of Walt Disney World action. While separate identities and individualized motifs establish each one independently, both share in a multitude of resort-wide benefits and amenities to earn them equated excellence. So it really doesn’t matter which one you choose, ...

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