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Surprising Buys at Disney Feature

When the idea of shopping at Walt Disney World Resort pops up most folks instantly think about all those classical, conventional souvenir items you can pretty much find at almost any Disney store venue. You know the ones—Mickey Ears, plush Disney Characters, and so on and so forth. But onsite shopping while on a Disney vacation also entails seeking out all those essentials for your overall Resort stay. Fortunately, all Disney Resorts tend to have wonderful gift shops stocked up with anything and everything you could possibly need, and then some. You can even find less-expected last-minute needs in most cases, like personal care items you either forgot about or are running low on, and even baby care essentials.

It’s great to know that Disney comes through in remembering to stock so many easily overlooked items. But that isn’t the extent to which they offer unexpected finds—not by a long shot. Aside from the vast array of aforementioned souvenirs that Disney is perhaps most renowned for touting are all the surprising things you can buy at Disney World yet never even realized you could. From upscale pricier finds to unique novelty goods, here are just some of the items you probably never knew you could buy at Walt Disney World.

Astronaut Ice Cream

You don’t need to take a detour over to the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral to score this surprising cult-classic favorite freeze-dried ice cream sandwich snack. Disney World, being the site of several space-themed attractions with respective gift shops leading off of those attractions, has long been stocking these novelties. What’s more, they even come in many different flavor varieties. The most notable locations to find such out-of-this-world ice cream novelties at include Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay in EPCOT and the currently closed Space Mountain Gift Shop.

Astronaut Ice Cream

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Foreign Snack Goods and Novelties

If you’ve ever been to EPCOT’s impressive World Showcase then you know it offers a very unique and convenient experience that’s kin to going on a grand world tour, comprising of 11 different nations all in one day and in just a little under of a mile-and-a-half radius. And while you may be familiar with the many different restaurants and snack stops within the various national pavilion setups, the most unique focus of all is perhaps on the exotic dry goods and national product lines you will discover within the various shop locations. That’s right, there are several instances in which EPCOT stands out as the only other place outside of a given nation where you can purchase a country’s various exclusive specialty snacks, tea blends, perfumes, and other novelties.

Tea Exclusives at the United Kingdom Pavilion

Credit: Disney

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While we’re on the topic of unique and interesting finds to uncover within the realm of EPCOT’s World Showcase, it’s very interesting to note that there are various national pavilions that vend specialty weapons. I’m sure you’re probably scratching your head by now, thinking about Disney’s known policy for now permitting Guests to enter any theme park location with weapons on their person. Well, for this I’m talking primarily about collectible swords, like an authentic katana from the Japan Pavilion, as well as other unexpected items waiting to be purchased (for a hefty sum) over at the Norway Pavilion, United Kingdom Pavilion, and various others.

Swords at Disney

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Priceless Crystal

From figurines to elaborate crystalline Cinderella Castle replicas, those who have a rather refined taste for stunningly impressive creations out of crystal certainly have their pick of viable options. Over at Magic Kingdom Park, on Main Street, U.S.A. no less, there’s the rightfully named Crystal Arts shop. Those who do not mind a detour over to Disney Springs can find delight at Arribas Brothers. Then, if you head on over to Kunstarbeit in Kristall over at the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT you’re sure to be dazzled. Each location presents a broad range of impressive works of crystal mastery. Both Disney-themed specialties and otherwise make up each location’s elaborate displays. And in many instances, you can stare in awe as you watch workers actively performing such a skilled and meticulous trade live and in person. Do take note, though, for anything you may so choose to purchase, even if the smallest token, do brace yourself for a steep price that ends with way more zeros than you likely would have expected.

Crystal works at Disney

Credit: D23

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Fine Art

Finding out that you can get a Disney-themed painting or print is like hitting the jackpot for those Disney Guests who like to collect art. And there are many different price ranges depending on what it is exactly you are going for. But do take note that there are a number of works done by renowned artists like Jared Franco, Heather Edwards, and others featuring various characters, beloved movie scene recreations, and even attraction depictions that can soar in price. Some can hit the $700 mark easily.

Tangled Art

Credit: Disney

Citizen Watches

You’d be surprised just how many designer goods you can find on location at Walt Disney World Resort. While the scene at Disney Springs seems like the most viable location for elaborate offerings, you may be surprised to find several venues closer to the heart of classic Disney offering up such as well. For example, did you know you can actually find Citizen Luxury Watches right within the Magic Kingdom? Just head on over to Uptown Jewelers on Main Street, U.S.A.  And rest assured, the watches won’t be the only pleasing and unexpected find to take note of in the store either.

Citizen's Watches

Credit: Disney

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Left-Handed Exclusives

For all the lefties out there, who always feel overlooked and forced to assimilate into a predominately right-handed society, there’s a place where you can find practically anything and everything you could ever need. Even those things you thought they didn’t make for left-handed folks, like mugs with handles on the correct and comfortable side and scissors that don’t require contorting your hand for use can be found here. So, what is this left-handed haven? It’s none other than the rightfully named Lefty’s—The Left-handed store on location at Disney Springs.


Credit: Disney

Personalized M&M’s

Even if you aren’t left-handed you can still get something to make you feel special at Disney Springs. How about your very own customized M&M’s with a unique image or message? How about your own photo likeness or that of a loved one? The unique possibilities are endless at the M&M’s Store at Disney Springs. Even if you don’t want to go through all the trouble of customizing, do take note of the fact that this location allows you to find some pretty unique flavor exclusives and combinations that you just cannot find at other M&M’s retailers.


Credit: Disney Springs

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Pet Goods

Even your pets at home can enjoy the spoils of unexpected star treatment among the Disney Springs options designed for them. For instance, there is a wonderful place to get Disney-themed toys, pet bowls, leashes, and everything else right on location at Disney Tails, at the Marketplace Co-Op. Then there’s also Happy Hound—another great place with unexpected pet-pampering novelties.

Disney Pets Stuff

Credit: Disney Springs

From dazzling designer jewelry to special Vera Wang Mickey Ears, the list goes on and on for unexpected finds both around Disney Parks and Resorts as well as at Disney Springs. But perhaps that’s just part of the overall magical appeal.

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