Disney Cruise Ship Honors British Fans During Its Voyage

disney dream cruise ship england
Credits: Disney and Zoe Ayton

When it comes to Disney Cruise Line cruise ships, there is no shortage of Disney magic onboard (no matter how far way the cruise ships’ passengers are from Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort.)

Many Disney fans associate cruises with tropical destinations, but because Disney cruise ships are actually manufactured in Germany, they traverse the northern portions of the Atlantic far more often than fans might expect!

disney dream in scotland

The Disney Dream has joined the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Wish, Disney Treasure, and the Disney Fantasy. Soon, the Disney Adventure ship will join the fleet as well. Credit Les Gallagher

One Disney cruise ship just made a far-less-tropical trip, delighting onlookers in Scotland with a docking endeavor before heading onward to the Irish destination known as Cobh.

Now, this cruise ship (which is the Disney Dream) has just graced England with its presence!

According to the Dorset Echo website, “the Disney Dream arrived at Portland Harbour at 7.42am today (Saturday, September 16) with thousands of passengers, and heads off again this evening.”

disney dream cruise ship in england

The Disney Dream has joined the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Wish, Disney Treasure, and the Disney Fantasy. Soon, the Disney Adventure ship will join the fleet as well. Credit: Zoe Ayton

Wishing Upon a Star At Sea

However, before it leaves this port, the ship will be “delighting crowds by playing “Wish Upon a Star” before it departs.”

Disney fans will no doubt be flocking to Portland Harbour to see the cruise ship’s exit and hear the iconic Disney song at 6:30 p.m.!

The Disney Dream made waves (pun intended) when it docked in Greenock’s Ocean Terminal in Scotland earlier this week, because (supposedly)  no Disney cruise ship had ever officially docked there before.

The Disney Magic had reportedly passed through at one point in time, but hadn’t docked — and now “this is the Disney Dream’s first appearance in Portland Harbour” as well!

Could Scotland’s Loss Be England’s Gain?

Sadly, the Disney Dream did not appear to do anything special as a form of greeting or celebration when it docked in Scotland.

Fans who were expecting the Scottish Disney Princess Merida to make an appearance onboard and hoping to see her wave to landlubbers were, sadly, disappointed.

disney dream cruise ship scotland

Credits: Disney and Les Gallagher

In contrast, the Disney Magic “has been a frequent visitor to Portland over the years and was christened by Jennifer Hudson.”

It doesn’t sound like any famously-British Disney characters (Mary Poppins, anyone?) will be appearing to say hello to Dorset residents or tourists tonight, either — but if the Disney Dream is playing its signature song as it leaves Portland Harbour, and didn’t play the song as it left Scotland, then there may be some angry Scots in Disney’s future!

Do you enjoy hearing about Disney cruise ships’ voyages out of casual interest, or does it just make you want to book a Disney cruise vacation immediately?

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