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Sharon is a writer and animal lover from New England. Sharon's two main focuses in her work are Disney's correlations with pop culture and the significance of Disney princesses (which was the basis for her college thesis). When she's not writing about Disney, Sharon spends her time singing, dancing, and cavorting with woodland creatures!

What to Know about the Incoming Magic Kingdom Lounge

Magic Kingdom Main Street, U.S.A. with a wine bottle pouring wine into a glass

“Drink up me hearties…” Magic Kingdom, the Disney park that was once adamant about excluding alcohol, is now preparing for its first-ever lounge. Alcohol at Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort once featured a “dry” Magic Kingdom Park, meaning no alcoholic beverages were served on the park property. However, in 2012, this all changed when the park welcomed Be Our ...

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Could Taylor Swift Be the Economic Savior That Disney World Needs?

Taylor Swift next to Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, then you’re probably well aware of the country-music-turned-pop-music singer’s successful Eras Tour — and if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, you’ve probably heard about these highly-sought-after Taylor Swift concerts anyway, whether you wanted to or not! Related: Rumors Abound Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce are Planning a Disney Wedding: Here’s the Truth Taylor ...

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Disney Performer Collapses on Pavement and Frightens Guests

disney character performer injury in costume

After meeting a fur character like Goofy or Mickey Mouse in a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort theme park, it’s understandable to begin wondering about the person inside the burdensome costume. Many Disney Fanatics have done their own virtual digging to learn more about what it’s like to be “friends with” (i.e., play the role of) Disney fur ...

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Wife Discovers Husband’s Affair With Nanny on Former Splash Mountain

wife discovers affair on splash mountain

The Disney magic is a big part of many Disney Fanatics’ trips to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, but there is another factor for many coupled-up Disney fans: romance! But this Splash Mountain romance led to anything but a magical moment. Love is in the air for many couples on their Disney trips — even if those trips ...

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In a Twist of Fate, Lottery Winner Takes His Winnings to Disney World

disney world lottery winner

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort vacations, it’s no secret that costs can add up. Disney World theme park ticket prices, meals, Disney Resort stays (even when choosing the cheaper-yet-still-enjoyable options), flights, and Disney merchandise can all add up to make for one expensive Disney vacation, especially when an entire family is in on the Florida-based fun. Related: ...

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Audiences Allegedly Refuse to Watch Newest ‘Aquaman’ Movie, Due to Amber Heard

amber heard aquaman

After the storm passed regarding the very-highly-publicized Depp v. Heard defamation trial last year, Johnny Depp fans’ focus seemed to shift from dismay about the domestic abuse allegations involving the popular A-list actor to dismay involving the unlikelihood of his return to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates 6.  Related: Johnny Depp Makes Cameo in ‘Pirates 6’ Trailer Johnny ...

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Disney World Pushes Guests’ Limits with 12-Hour Ride Breakdown

disney ride breakdowns

We have seen countless incidents involving Disney World or Disneyland rides and roller coaster breakdowns or malfunctions in recent months. Some of these Disney ride incidents involve full-scale evacuations — which serve as a bonus in the minds of some Disney Fanatics, and a bother in the minds of others — while other ride breakdowns have involved special treats for ...

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‘TRON’ Roller Coaster Allegedly Solidifies Stance Against “Certain Body Shapes”

tron disney world seats

When a new roller coaster inspired by the cult favorite TRON films was announced, many Disney World fans and roller coaster enthusiasts were intrigued. Walt Disney World Resort and Walt Disney Imagineering certainly took their time when it came to the actual inception of said ride, but Magic Kingdom guests were excited to try out the thrill ride when it did finally ...

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Dear Brides: No, Your Guests Don’t Actually Care About Your Wedding’s “Disney” Details

disney weddings

These days, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings can be extravagant occasions (and some Disney Fanatics actually like them so much, that they return for repeat ceremonies no matter the price!). We’ve seen quite a few elaborate Disney weddings in recent years — whether or not they are official Disney Fairy Tale Weddings that take place in Walt Disney World Resort or ...

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Has This Happy Couple Just Broken a Disney Wedding Record?

disney wedding

These days, there are Disney Fanatics who feel so passionate about Disney’s stories and Disney’s characters that they will allegedly pay as much as $35,000 for a VHS copy of the 1991 Beauty and the Beast movie. With such ardent fans in the mix, it’s no surprise that some Disney fans also choose to incorporate Disney magic into their wedding days, too! ...

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