Fans Mourn As Classic Disney Ride Languishes In Disrepair

Disney Epcot
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Practically any Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort fan who has been on a Disney vacation in recent years can most likely describe their time waiting in long lines in Disney Parks for rides that then break down, shut down, or malfunction. These days, Disney rides and attractions are breaking at a “ridiculous” pace — and one attraction, that many people have a soft spot for, has just taken some serious hits damage-wise!

In a conversation on Reddit, a user named u/RequirementKitchen54 shared an image of the Journey into Imagination With Figment Disney ride breaking at a “ridiculous” pace — and this attraction, which many people have a soft spot for, has just taken some serious hits damage-wise!

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Credit: Disney

The image shows that the film screens on the attraction are noticeably broken.

Haven’t seen Disney attractions this poorly unkept ever,” the original poster wrote. Journey Into Imagination With Figment has been a part of EPCOT since 1983, making it a particularly old Disney attraction (even though it has nothing on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress in that department).

The attraction was created by Imagineer Tony Baxter and Imagineer Steve Kirk and can be found in the World Celebration area.

Haven’t seen Disney attractions this poorly upkept ever. Taken on 12/30 at Journey into Imagination @ EPCOT.
byu/RequirementKitchen54 inWaltDisneyWorld

Many other Disney shows or attractions have taken center stage since 1983 — and these days, Disney World guests are more likely to frantically head to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in an effort to ride one of the newest EPCOT rides for the first time — but Journey into Imagination With Figment are still favorites among some Disney fans.

Unfortunately, this attraction is already known for suffering from breakdowns or malfunctions. Seeing the Disney ride in bad shape is still a shock to some Disney fans, however, as evidenced by the responses to the photo in the Reddit conversation.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Credit: Disney

Poor figment,” one person wrote. “He deserves so much better.”

[I] was also there like 3 weeks ago and this room and the eye doctor from before it had no audio.. Just sat in silence for two rooms,” another person shared.

Ride is destroyed,” someone else asserted. “Better to retire it than give it this treatment.”

As one other Disney guest pointed out, “a lot of the older rides are really starting to show some wear and tear. Some need some major updating. The figment ride screen was broken when we went before Christmas. Not to mention several other rides just don’t sound good or are starting to really show age.”

guests outside spaceship earth in epcot, wearing disney merchandise

Credit: Disney

We have seen many reports of malfunctioning or broken Disney rides in recent months, so this last statement does seem particularly relevant. Have you seen any Disney rides that are sorely in need of repair? Tell us about it in the comments below for a chance to be featured in a Disney Fanatic article!

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  1. I have been visiting Disney World since it opened in 1971 and to say I’m a Disney fan is an understatement. However, over the last few years my husband and I have noticed a significant difference in the condition of the parks and rides. Disney really needs to step it up.

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