10 Reasons We Love Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

On a Disney vacation, it might seem tempting to ignore your resort and focus on the parks. However, your resort should really be more than a bed to sleep in, and if there are any Disney resorts that will convince you to appreciate them during your vacation, the Polynesian Village Resort is definitely one to consider! Here are ten reasons to label the Polynesian as a contender for your Walt Disney World resort pick.

10) Shade. In case you have never been to Florida, it can get pretty hot. Direct sunlight—and the subsequent sunburns—can really put a damper on your vacation’s Disney magic, so a resort that provides you with opportunities to escape the sun’s glare is always ideal. With all of its greenery and its lofty main buildings, the Polynesian Village Resort provides plenty of opportunities to avoid overdosing on sunshine.

9) The wildlife is both colorful and exotic. There are lizards that can be found all over Disney’s resorts and parks—not to mention Florida itself—but seeing these reptiles in such a natural setting can really enhance your experience at the Polynesian Village Resort. Keep an eye out for birds as well—and keep an ear out for their birdsong!

8) The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show. This show is a popular one (so reservations are a good idea) but it is also a completely worthwhile attraction, featuring wonderful dancing, music, and, of course, food. Begin your vacation with this show and get immersed into both Polynesian culture and Disney culture—at the same time!

7) The food at ‘Ohana. This is one of the many locations where you can find food at the Polynesian, and it features particularly delectable meats and desserts, as well as signature Disney dishes like Mickey-shaped waffles. Make sure you try the bread pudding with banana-caramel sauce!

6) The pool. Disney’s pools are always delightfully themed, and the Polynesian Village Resort’s Lava Pool is definitely not one to be missed. Where else can you swim and slide in both the shadow of a volcano and the shade of palm trees?

5) Aesthetic similarities to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Africa and Polynesia may not be particularly close to each other, but both the style and décor of the Polynesian Village Resort have some parallels to the Animal Kingdom Lodge. While resorts like the Coronado Springs Resort and the Grand Floridian Resort have more open spaces and tend towards pale colors to give their visitors cool and airy aesthetics, both the Polynesian and the Animal Kingdom Lodge feature cozier dark-wood settings. If you want to experience a resort that is similar to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Polynesian is one of the closest options!

4) The beach. Because the Polynesian Village Resort is nestled on the banks of the Seven Seas Lagoon, it automatically comes with a wonderful “seaside” view. Whenever your feet need a break, grab a hammock and swing the day away (try to grab one for a viewing of the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks, too)!

3) A convenient location. Disney’s Polynesian Resort certainly has a strategic position, being close to the Magic Kingdom and close to the monorail. Ferry rides and lagoon cruises are also easy to access from this resort, making it one of the most convenient homes-away-from-home that Disney has to offer!

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2) An authentic setting. The thematic design of Disney’s parks and its resorts is always nothing short of impressive for visitors, but the Polynesian Village Resort’s setting is at the top of the list. Spacious, raised huts are surrounded by greenery that blends right into Disney’s version of Polynesia, providing you with the very realistic scenery of a Polynesian village!

1) The view of the Magic Kingdom. Some resorts, like the Animal Kingdom Lodge, require too much space for proximity to the parks; the Polynesian Village Resort does not have this problem. You get a fantastic view of the Seven Seas Lagoon—and the best part? At night, you can get a priceless seat for the “Kiss Goodnight” ceremony that closes the Magic Kingdom. Seeing fireworks over the lagoon is truly a must-see for a Disney vacation (and the view of Cinderella’s Castle makes for some magical pictures)!

Some resorts might lean on the more lavish side, like the Grand Floridian Resort and the Animal Kingdom Lodge, while others like the All Star Resorts lean on the more casual end of the vacationing spectrum. The Polynesian Village Resort serves as a superb middle ground! There are plenty of Disney resorts to choose from during your vacation, but the Polynesian Village Resort can give you options for both a casual vacation and a luxurious one, along with a gorgeous, exciting theme and a prime location. Enjoy!

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