10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disney World's Water Parks!


4. A Change of Pace

If you’ve already visited Disney World several times, you may be looking for something new to experience. These water parks certainly fit the bill. Heck, even if this is your first visit ever and you’re just looking for a way to break up your park days, the water parks are an excellent option!

5. Perfect for a Half Day

We’ve often recommended in the past that people add at least one rest day into their Walt Disney World vacation schedule. That said, not everyone can spend an entire vacation day lounging around relaxing. Some of us simply need to keep busy.  Because the water parks are smaller than the other parks, they are ideal for filling only half of a day, so you can get your relaxation in during the other half and still feel rested the next day.

6. Fewer Crowds

There’s no denying the fact that the four main Disney theme parks are crowded. These crowds can be incredibly overwhelming, especially in large doses. The water parks are (luckily) not so crowded, providing a much needed break from fighting the throngs. The water parks are especially empty in the mornings, so wake up early if you want to take full advantage of the lack of people.

7. An Inexpensive Add-on

If you’re looking for a way to extend your vacation without spending a fortune, the water parks are an excellent choice.

One-day tickets to these parks are significantly less than one-day tickets to the other parks—but for an even better deal, look into the Park Hopper Plus option. This ticket add-on is $80 per person and includes visits to several other Disney World attractions, including the water parks.


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