10 Reasons You Need To Experience Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

50th Anniversary

There are of course more than 10 reasons why you must visit Walt Disney World Resort in 2021. However, listing them all would probably take a good year or so, meaning you’ll have spent all your time reading this article and not actually planning a trip! So here are the top 10 reasons why you need to experience Disney’s 50th anniversary celebrations…


Guardians of the Galaxy
Photo Credit: Disney

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind – Epcot

In 2021 your favorite intergalactic rag-tag crew will be landing at Epcot. Start your journey into space at the Galaxarium where you’ll learn all about Xandar, before the Guardians arrive and bring the action! A rotating and reversing – and where retro music is concerned, rewinding – roller coaster will thrust you into an all-new story all the while you’re in “Groot” company.

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9. Tron Lightcycle Run – Magic Kingdom Park

Based on Disneyland Shanghai’s popular attraction, Tron Lightcycle Run will take off in Tomorrowland in 2021. The ‘80s sci-fi hit Tron became an instant classic after breaking new ground with its dazzling special effects. Now, you can expect this new addition at Disney World to do the same, as you tear through a digital landscape on your very own neon-framed Lightcycle.

Space 220

8. Space 220 Restaurant – Epcot

Epcot is undergoing some major transformations, and part of those include the Mission: SPACE pavilion. Prepare for take-off with an out-of-this-world dining experience in the form of Space 220, which will offer unbeatable views of space and the Earth itself! The good news is you don’t need to wait too long as Space 220 is coming soon. You can just expect it to already be firmly in orbit by 2021.

7. New Attractions – Disney’s Hollywood Studios & EPCOT

While some new attractions opened in 2020 such as Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, they’ll hardly be dusting off the cobwebs by the time 2021 comes around. EPCOT’s Ratatouille-themed attraction is scheduled to be up and running for 2021. No opening date has been dropped yet, but you can expect the experience to be a great one!

Epcot Transformation


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6. Epcot Transformation – Epcot

Epcot is currently undergoing a multi-year transformation, so by the time 2021 rolls around it’s fair to say that this park will be a whole new world. Expect new neighborhoods to join Future World, in the form of World Celebration, World Discovery and World Nature. With all these new changes you can expect new night-time experiences and new fantastic points of view too.

5. 50th Anniversary Celebrations – Walt Disney World Resort

Of course, 2021 will include enormous, bombastic, resort-wide celebrations. Without a doubt, you can expect brand new night-time celebrations, parades, attractions and plenty more across the parks. If you think 2019 and 2020 have been huge years for Disney in theaters, well 2021 will be the resort’s time to shine.

4. 50th Anniversary Merchandise – Walt Disney World Resort

Disney World is forever churning out countless new lines of merchandise, and 2021 – the resort’s 50th birthday – will be no exception. With new attractions comes new gear, and with new milestones comes new mementos and souvenirs. You’d best start filling your Hamm to the point of cracking right now, because in 2021 you’re going to need a bottomless Mary Poppins’-style bag to store all your shopping!

3. Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser – Epcot Resort Area (Near Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

While a launch date is yet to be scheduled, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser will be a truly unique two-night experience in which guests will be taken to the faraway galaxy aboard the Halcyon. The adventure is set to be the most immersive and interactive the resort has ever seen…

play pavilion

2. PLAY! Pavilion – Epcot

The all-new PLAY! pavilion will be up and running in 2021. A hustling and bustling metropolitan landscape will see you enjoying interactive games, activities and more. As well as with your own friends and family, you’ll even have the opportunity to engage and interact with familiar Disney characters – some off-screen and some in person, including The Incredibles’  Edna Mode. That’s right, darling!

1. The Atmosphere – Walt Disney World Resort

No, this isn’t a ride – it’s the buzz that will fill the air throughout Disney World as soon as 2021 arrives at its doorstep. But you can certainly expect it to be as thrilling as any ride. Who wouldn’t want to visit the resort for such a milestone-birthday? Sure, the atmosphere isn’t tangible like a new attraction, but isn’t that what real magic is? Something you can feel but can’t see – like the Force!

Perhaps you think this article a little premature, but 2021 isn’t that far, far away. So now you can spend some time thinking about your itinerary. When you’re ready, check out Disney Fanatic’s Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Mickey Travels and plan the adventure of a lifetime.

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