Rides Closed At Magic Kingdom

The 10 Rides We Hope Disney NEVER Close at Magic Kingdom

There are so many great rides at the Magic Kingdom. Some of them are thrilling and exciting and others are sentimental and remind us of our childhood. Sometimes rides are taken down and replaced by newer ones. Here is our list of rides at the Magic Kingdom that we hope will never be replaced.

10. The Tea Cups

This is a must in my family to ride the teacups on every visit to the Magic Kingdom. Who doesn’t love getting into your very own teacup and saucer and spinning as fast as you can. Of course it’s a little bit of a competition with the other teacups to be the fastest one on the ride. Rumor has it, that the yellow ones are the fastest but it hasn’t been proven.

9. Prince Charming’s Carrousel

It’s still going to be a while before I stop calling it Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel but sooner or later it will become normal. I can’t even imagine what it would be like at the Magic Kingdom without our beloved carrousel. With it’s wooden horses and a back drop of Cinderella’s castle, this ride get’s us all caught up in Disney fairy tale magic.

8. Tom Sawyer Island

There is a little bit of history on this island. Taking a raft ride over to this island feels like you are re living a page from the story of Tom Sawyer. With all of trees, bridges and caves to explore this is a right of passage for everyone who loves Disney.

7. Space Mountain

Blast off into outer space on this roller coaster and explore the galaxy as only Disney could do. You will definitely love this thrilling coaster in the dark sky. Watch out for shooting stars! Tomorrowland just wouldn’t be the same with out it.

6. The Enchanted Tiki Room

A bird lover’s paradise! We love this show of mechanical tropical birds and plants singing and putting on a wonderful performance. There are many hidden surprises in this show. It’s also a great place to get out of the scorching Florida heat.

5. The People Mover

Ahhh, where would we go when we are exhausted if they took away this ride? This 10 minute relaxing tram takes you on a behind the scenes tour through tomorrowland. This is where we love to go to get a quick recharge before heading back out into the park. Very relaxing!

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

I can’t imagine this one closing. This ride has been around for a long time. It’s a favorite for everyone. You fly in a pirate ship and feel like you are a part of the story of Peter Pan up above London, the mermaid lagoon and even a close up with the crocodile. “Have a little faith and trust, and a little pixie dust” that this one will be around for a long time.

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3. It’s a Small World

This boat ride takes you on a trip through rooms of whimsical dolls from different country’s singing the iconic song “It’s a small world”. This is a staple in the Magic Kingdom and we would be heart broken if it were gone.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

Take a voyage on these boats and sing along with buccaneers, visit Dead Man’s Cove. Re live some of Jack Sparrow’s adventures and sing Yo Ho Yo Ho, A pirate’s life for me! This adventure is a favorite of ours.

1. The Haunted Mansion

The haunted mansion at Walt Disney World is an iconic haunted house filled with 999 ghosts. Climb into your doom buggy and your ghost host will give you a guided tour through the mansion. There is so much to see and hear on this tour. Beware of hitch hiking ghosts!

Which ride would you miss the most at Magic Kingdom if it ever closed?

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