8 Things You Definitely Shouldn’t Take Into Disney parks

You have read all of the articles on what to bring into the park to make your Disney trip fun and easy but what about the things you shouldn’t bring? There are a lot of things that you may not think of that can throw your entire day at the parks out of wack! No worries. We are here to help. Here are 8 things that you shouldn’t take with you or do in the parks

8. Riding toys

They wont let you bring in skate boards, roller skates,or children’s riding toy or anything that needs to be pulled like a wagon You can bring in a stroller or a handicap scooter.

7. Glass Containers

When you go through the security bag check point, they will not let you bring in any glass containers what so ever.

6. Sick or Contagious People

If you are sick or contagious, please be courteous of others. Don’t risk getting others sick. Wait until you are feeling better to go to the parks.

5. Weapons

Weapons of any kind will not be allowed into the Disney parks. Disney takes this very seriously. Bags are checked as you enter the parks. Believe me, they are looking for this. Leave them at home you won’t need them here anyway. Goofy is harmless.

4. Illegal Drugs

You shouldn’t have these anyway and Disney certainly isn’t the place to use them! Disney has plenty of under cover security in the parks and if you are caught they will deal with you appropriately.

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3. Alcohol

Disney doesn’t allow you to bring in your own alcoholic beverages but you can purchase them in the parks with the exception of the Magic Kingdom. If you are planning to drink, please drink responsibly.

2. Foul Language

This is not the time or the place for using foul language. Young children are every where and can hear you. You wouldn’t want to offend a fellow Disney guest.

1. A Bad Attitude

Nothing can ruin a Disney vacation faster than having a bad attitude. Don’t let things get you down and be grumpy. You’re at the happiest place on earth!

I hope these little tips help you to enjoy your Magical Disney Vacation.

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