10 Safety Tips for Vacationing at Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

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When you think of safety tips for a Disney vacation, or any vacation for that matter, you’re probably mostly concerned about what to do while you’re out at the parks, or beach, or museum, etc… It is however very important to follow safety tips while at your resort too:

1) Show kids what a Disney cast member looks like

In the event that your child is separated, you would want them to know what a Disney cast member looks like so he or she can go to one of them rather than another guest. Pointing out what a Disney name tag looks like can be very helpful, so that if your child is lost he or she will know who to approach.

2) Watch kids in the pool

Of course, there are plenty of lifeguards at Disney resorts, however you should always watch your children by the pool. Even when they are outside of the pool, you’ll want to make sure they aren’t running, or leaving the pool area. The last thing you’d want on your vacation is to have one of the kids slip and fall on the concrete by the pool.

3) Do not order pizza from flyers under the door

While Disney does do a lot to keep this problem under control, you’ll occasionally find flyers to order pizza that have been slid under the door to your resort room. If it is not a Disney restaurant at your resort, do not order food from there. Legitimate Orlando businesses know not to place flyers around Disney resorts, so these ads are almost always scams looking for your credit card information.

4) Store valuables in the resort safe, or leave them at home

If you must bring valuables with you on vacation, the best place to keep them is the safe in your resort room. For valuables too large to fit in the safe, think about how much you’ll really need to have those with you ahead of time. If you can do without them, I would suggest leaving them at home instead.

5) Know where the nearest exits are

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where knowing where the exits are for any public place you’re in is something we should be doing on a daily basis. In your resort room, there should be a map of the resort including fire exits and where to meet if there is an emergency– it is usually located behind the door. Give this map a lookover, so you know where the safest place to meet, or exit the resort should you need to will be.

6) Use lockers near the pool

While I haven’t actually heard of this happening at Disney, it has happened to a friend of mine while we were in the water at the beach, and I’m sure it could happen anywhere: Do not leave valuables in a bag or on a chair by the pool. Even though Disney isn’t exactly known for theft, it’s best to not take the chance. The resorts have lockers available by the pool, which is where we’ll typically keep the wallet of the person who is holding the cash and IDs for getting food and drinks from the pool bar.

7) Be aware of your surroundings

Again, it’s unfortunate that we live in a day and age where this point is super important, but anywhere you are really you should be aware of your surroundings. If you pass by the same part of your resort everyday, but one day something feels off, follow your gut instinct and let a cast member know. Which leads us to our next point…

8) See something, say something

This is actually one of the many safety mottos you’d learn while working at Walt Disney World, but it definitely rings true for guests as well– in any situation, even in your hometown. If something doesn’t seem quite right, even if you think it’s probably nothing, let the nearest cast member know. It’s better to be on the safe side and say something so that security can look into the situation and ensure everyone’s safety.

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9) Seeing something and saying something isn’t limited to suspicious activity

When you hear “see something, say something,” you might not think that this includes potential safety hazards as well. For instance, the floor being wet in the lobby of a resort, wiring being somewhere that guests can trip, etc… Telling a cast member of something that you notice should not be limited to suspicious behavior. Disney does an excellent job of being on top of all of these kinds of situations, but if you notice anything that could be a potential safety hazard, the best thing to do is tell someone.

10) Make sure everyone in your party has each other’s contact info

This can be pretty easy for adults to do, since it’s really just a matter of having everyone’s phone numbers loaded into their phone. For children who might not have their own phones this can be a bit tricky. Make sure the children either know your phone number, or have your contact information on their person somewhere, whether it’s on a bracelet, temporary tattoo, or even a notecard in their pockets. Be safe, and have a fun trip!

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