10 Secrets to Having a Disney Trip You’ll Remember

A Disney vacation can be a whirlwind, and not just in the physical sense. With all of the magical and exciting stimuli affecting you throughout your time at Walt Disney World, there are bound to be some unexpected events, distractions, and memorable moments that keep your trip interesting. Here are ten ways to ensure that you have a genuinely unforgettable trip!

10) Take plenty of photos. For most people, this probably goes without saying; however, photographing fun times might make you miss out. If you’re looking through your lens more often than not, put down the camera and just relax! For an even more laid-back record-keeper, take advantage of PhotoPass opportunities and ride photos; Disney will help capture the trip so that you can have fun!

9) Don’t try to repeat old vacations. Yes, you probably had a wonderful time on your last trip to Walt Disney World–but that trip is not this trip. Enter your vacation with the expectation that it will be a unique experience! People are always one of the biggest factors when it comes to your trip, as well. You may have ridden Expedition Everest before, but the new friend you make on the ride has just made your vacation a better one; and if you are willing to make changes and experiment, go ahead! If there is anywhere in the world where experimentation will still always result in a fun vacation, it’s probably Walt Disney World.

8) Don’t shy away from crowd-pleasers. Sometimes an experience is worth the crowd! Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster? Soarin’? The Kilimanjaro Safaris? They are all popular–because they are all worth it! You don’t need to visit every single attraction in the parks, but make sure you aren’t skipping anything just because it seems inconvenient; if something interests you, go for it! A little sneakiness doesn’t necessarily hurt either (hint: Kilimanjaro Safaris can often be less crowded right when the Animal Kingdom opens).

7) Meet with some Disney characters. Yes, you may be an adult. No, that does not mean that you are forbidden from having fun with Piglet. The connections that are provided by these characters are a huge part of Disney’s signature magic, and you really won’t want to miss them, especially if you have children!

6) Make sure you complete your ‘to-do’ list–with some wiggle room. If the Swiss Family Tree House is a staple in your Disney vacation, then you should definitely include it, but keep your list of must-haves small in order to avoid a demanding schedule. Remember, you want to be able to improvise, whether it’s for a street performer or a nap by the pool!

5) Remember that Disney dining is an experience. This is particularly accurate for Disney food. At a normal restaurant, your waiter might be a stranger, and your food might be something that you settle for. This is not the case at Walt Disney World! Your food is always memorable, and you’ll soon learn that your waiter is definitely not an ordinary waiter (this is true for pretty much every Disney employee; that’s why they were hired)!

4) Take the time to appreciate your resort. Yes, the parks are fantastic–but your resort should be more than a bed for you to collapse onto after a late night at the Magic Kingdom. When it comes to fun–and food–Disney’s resorts have plenty of opportunities to offer. You are also more likely to form lasting relationships with new people when you “live” in the same place!

Bonus Tip!

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3) Try to keep a physical record of experiences. You might bring a journal on your trip, with the intention of writing down your day’s events every night–and you might be too tired to do so every night, too. Don’t feel guilty or anxious if this happens; you don’t need to record every single event! The best memories tend to stand out all on their own anyway, so although a journal or ingredients for a scrapbook do help, detail is not crucial. Just save your brochures–and avoid bringing home any sun damage as a souvenir!

2) Lengthen the vacation and slow down the pace. This will help you improvise whenever and wherever you want! This can be a bit more difficult with larger groups, but it really can change the entire tone of a trip. Try waking up without even having a plan; the huge amount of options might be startling for a moment, but you will be surprised by how far your unplanned day can take you!

1) Go with the right people. A good experience with friends and family is practically impossible to forget, with or without photo albums, and going with more people means that there are more and more stories to create together!

With these tips, your Disney vacation can be exciting, therapeutic, and memorable all at the same time. Enjoy!

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