10 Secrets to Having the Best Disney Vacation

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10. Relax

There's a lot of pressure to have fun at Disney World. A lot of your own time and money is being put into this place and sometimes you just want to shake the parks and give them a threatening eye if they don't live up their expectation. But remember the whole reason that you're there in the Florida heat is to have a vacation with your family or friends and enter into a magical world where you don't have to worry about real life for a while.

I would say just follow these ten easy rules to have the best vacation ever but they aren't easy for some, but it is something to keep in mind as you go forth planning your trip. Everyone has those different rules to make a Disney trip but it's these ten rules (more like ideas) to make your trip the best. Sometimes changing your perspective can set your vacation to be top-notch.

By Emily

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