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10 Things Disney Fanatics Do on Every Trip to Disney Parks

Anyone can go to Disney. But how does a Disney Fanatic do Disney? Here’s what we do on every trip…

10. Research – Disney Fanatics know that pre-planning is essential to a great trip. What are the show times? Which Fast Passes will I need? When and where can characters be found? Though vacations should have some elements of spontaneity, making the most of a Disney trip requires some forethought.

9. Reserve – Disney Fanatics know how to work that app! The My Disney Experience app, that is. Dining reservations and Fast Pass reservations should be made once the very mention of a Disney trip is in the air. After all, you can always make changes on the go if necessary.

8. Rise – Disney Fanatics NEVER sleep in on a park day! Who would miss the best wait times of the day in bed?! Early morning is where it’s at, so set that alarm and raise your coffee mug to all the other Fanatics joining your quest at rope drop. Remember, meeting Sleeping Beauty trumps sleep EVERY TIME.

7. Relax – With their research done and reservations made, Disney Fanatics are free to relax during park days, knowing they have full knowledge of what their priorities are. Some people claim that going to Disney is stressful and not really a vacation. Truly enjoying your trip is what sets Disney Fanatics apart from Disney Frantics.

6. Run – That being said…you’ve seen ’em. Those people running to get their favorite seat at the parade route, or running to make the showtime that will fit perfectly in between two Fast Passes, or running back to the queue a third (or fourth) time when they’ve happened upon a super short wait time. Don’t hate…it’s just another Disney Fanatic trying to get the most out of their awesome day.

5. Review – Disney Fanatics know you have never “done” Disney to the point where you can’t do it again. Disney Fanatics review old favorites, either for the compounded joy of the moment or for the sweet nostalgia of days gone by. How many times have you done the Teacups? “I’ve lost count,” is the correct answer. Disney Fanatics do Disney stuff – again and again.

4. Revel – Magic. That’s what Disney is all about. And Disney Fanatics revel in the magic of everything Disney. Have you teared up at the Dreams Come True show? Have you taken someone special to the fireworks, just to watch their face? Does ice cream taste sweeter to you when it’s in the shape of Mickey’s head? Then you know what I mean about reveling in the magic – and you’re a Disney Fanatic.

3. Roam – Yes, we Fanatics like to plan. But I think that most of us would agree that we leave room in the plan for the un-planned. We like to roam to the out-of-the-way spots that others don’t make time for. We like the happening-upon-high-fives of characters on their way to breaks. We like the searching for Hidden Mickeys or rare Pressed Pennies. Spending time in the parks is like spending time with a dear friend – un-rushed time leads to new discoveries (and inside secrets!)

2. Resist – Who doesn’t like all the super cute Disney merchandise? Pencils, glow-spinners, balloons, shirts, towels, plushes, hats…you name it, we love it. But in my opinion, what sets a true Disney Fanatic apart from the average tourist is our resistance to AllTheCuteStuff. We know what is truly important are the memories – the stuff that money can’t buy. So we choose carefully on our very favorites…and then we start saving our $ for the next Disney memory to be made.

1. Restart – Which brings me to the final thing all Fanatics do on each and every trip. What is it? You guessed it…we start dreaming about the next time we can come to our favorite place and restart the whole sequence again.

Cheers to you, Disney Fanatics! Enjoy the magic your way!

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Melissa resides on Florida's beautiful Space Coast with her husband and four Disney-loving boys. She frequently allows skipping school for Disney World visits...because making memories is more important than math. Their family has also been seen on HGTV's hit show "My Yard Goes Disney."