10 Things Your Family Must Do At Disney World

When it comes to vacations, Disney always knows exactly what visitors want. These are just some of Walt Disney World’s many highlights!

10) Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon. It is not often that one can swim in beautiful underwater scenery with sharks, and Disney helps you achieve this experience with safety in mind. Feel free to brag to your friends when you get home!

9) The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. You may not be familiar with Aerosmith, but if you enjoy roller coasters, you are bound to love this ride. Seated inside Aerosmith’s “limousine”, riders find themselves traveling at incredible speeds through a thrilling route of chaotic fun. The fluorescent glow of the “highway” signs adds a late-night feel to the roller coaster’s environment, and although the ride may be dark, this darkness adds to the excitement, allowing each drop or loop to surprise riders!

8) The Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. People really respond to rides that connect with their favorite movies, especially children, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the Magic Kingdom serves as a superb example of this intersection. As a long-standing Disney ride and the movies’ inspiration, this ride provides visitors with an intriguing mixture of Disney history and contemporary icons like Captain Jack Sparrow. The ride’s detailed design and relaxing pace make it a must-see, and as an indoor ride, it can also be delightfully refreshing on hot days!

7) Typhoon Lagoon’s Surf Pool. Not everyone is prepared to surf in real ocean swells, but this wave pool allows you to enjoy the waves at your own pace. The pool’s large surface area also gives you the freedom to choose your own wave intensity. Feeling ambitious? Get up front! If not, you can go as far back as you like to find the waves that have the right amount of fun for you.

6) Hollywood Studios’ 50’s Primetime Café. It is clear upon entering this Café that your experience will be a unique one! With classic TV shows and an authentic setting, the 50’s Primetime Café is sure to impress. Even the waiters’ sweaters fit the theme! This Café’s employees stick closely to their decade’s customs, particularly when it comes to manners, so be sure to avoid any elbows on the table! As long as you behave yourself, you can sit back, appreciate the setting’s incredible authenticity, and enjoy a one-of-a-kind Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake.

5) Each and every Disney resort. You may be a luxury-lover who dreams of the Grand Floridian Resort, or you may want a more low-maintenance atmosphere at Disney’s All Star Music Resort. Whatever your preference may be, Disney resorts always present their visitors with beautiful themes, fantastic food, and enough activities and opportunities to entertain you before you even head to the parks!

4) Transportation within the Parks. There is often some desperation among Disney visitors to experience everything in the parks; this can be an exhausting endeavor, one that even the most seasoned Disney visitors need to escape! If you’re in Epcot and want a break, take a ride on one of the FriendShip Boats. This ferry can be enormously helpful when you need to cross the park; however, the ferry can also serve as a simple way to absorb the Disney scenery and find some shade. If you really want to just sit for a while, go right ahead and ride the ferry as many times as you want, guilt-free. This convenient transportation can also be found in other parks: for example, take a ride on the Wildlife Express Train in the Animal Kingdom, where you can rest and see behind-the-scenes buildings at the same time!

3) Disney Stage Shows. The Festival of the Lion King combines interactive characters and audience involvement with the fantastic acrobatics and music scores of a professional show, resulting in a five-star experience. And don’t forget Beauty and the Beast-Live on Stage; with stunning costumes and tremendously talented performers, this show provides its viewers with the spectacle of a full Broadway play, in far less time!

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2) Kilimanjaro Safaris. Look no further than the Harambe Wildlife Reserve to demonstrate that Disney has it all when it comes to authenticity. Traveling to Africa may not be possible for everyone, but it is at Walt Disney World! The animals and their natural habitat also ensure that you have a unique experience on every safari (Hint: take a morning safari to avoid lines and see some different animals).

1) The FastPass+ Service. With this service, you can guarantee access to your favorite attractions before your trip, meaning that Disney has practically conquered long waits. This service is also included with your ticket purchases, meaning that virtually every visitor can use it regardless of his or her budget!

Disney has countless experiences and amenities available for its visitors; see for yourself on your next Disney vacation!

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