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10 Things I Always Have in My Park Bag at Walt Disney World


8. Clean socks and a gallon Zip-loc bag

I always have clean socks in my Disney bag—one pair for each member of my family. Why? For two reasons—water rides and rain. If your clothes get wet, they will dry over time—very quickly in the summer months. But if your socks get wet, they dry much more slowly, and no one wants to walk around the parks with wet socks. Not only are they uncomfortable and just plain icky-feeling, but if your socks are wet, your feet are wet. That can lead to blisters, which will make your next few days in the parks very uncomfortable. And if you’re visiting Disney in cooler months, wet socks can make you feel cold the rest of the day. Have you ever noticed that when your feet are cold, the rest of you is cold too? Change your socks and place the wet socks in the Zip-loc bag. Don’t forget to remove the bag of wet socks from your park bag and launder them immediately—no need to add mildew to the mix.

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