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I am a writer and a Mom to four children and two baby shih-tzus. My first experience with the Magic was in 1988, when my parents surprised my brother and me with a visit to Walt Disney World after a short trip to see friends in Georgia. I still hum the tune played during the Main Street Electrical Parade and remember the feeling of excitement from my very first visit. I introduced my husband to the Magic several years ago, and we take our children to the parks every time we can. No matter how many times I visit Walt Disney World, it seems it’s not enough! The ever-changing experience only gets better with each trip, and I’m thrilled to share the Magic with others, as well as some of the tips and tricks to getting the most out of the Magic with each visit!

Disney legendary ‘Snow White’ animator Ruthie Tompson has died

Ruthie Tompson, whose history with the Walt Disney Company began back before Snow White was released, has died at the age of 111. She passed away peacefully at her home at the Motion Picture and Television Fund in Woodland Hills, California, on Sunday. Her career as a Disney animator began in the Paint and Ink Department of the company and spanned more ...

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Fun Facts About Disney’s Pluto

Pluto Disney World

We’ve all heard it said that “a dog is man’s best friend,” and the same rings true for Disney’s beloved main mouse. When we were first introduced to Mickey in 1928, he was a solo performer. But two years later, we met his beloved dog, Pluto, in a Disney short titled The Chain Gang in August of 1930. But there’s ...

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Fun Facts About Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

No matter where you live on planet earth, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know who Mickey Mouse is. Since 1928, the mouse around whom an entire empire has been built has brought smiles and magic to billions of people all the world over. But there’s much more to the main mouse than random sightings at Disney World, ...

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Top Two Attractions at Each Walt Disney World Park

Toy Story Mania

When Disney World fanatics are asked to describe their favorite rides and attractions, there are usually two groups of Guests. One group responds by saying “they’re all my favorites!” The other group of fanatics can tell you exactly which attractions are their most favorite and why. (Some go on to attempt to persuade you to feel the same!) And with ...

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Remember When: Thinking Back to a Walt Disney World Before COVID-19

Epcot Mickey

March 2020 will forever remain in the minds of Disney World fans as the month that began the longest closure in the history of the parks in Florida. Disney World was one of thousands upon thousands of venues and businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic that has had effects globally. Disney World has reopened, but it’s definitely a different experience, ...

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Making Minimizing Germs Fun For Kids at Walt Disney World

By now, even hermits and people with their heads stuck in the sand have heard of the coronavirus pandemic that has seemingly swept the globe and affected just about every country on the face of the earth. Disney World was, of course, affected—to the point the parks closed for four months—and now that the parks are open, there are reminders ...

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Oh My! Disney’s Most Frightening Character Creations

Mother Gothel

When it comes to creating and developing characters, no one’s better at it than the creators and writers at Disney and Pixar. Their extensive list of characters from movies, cartoons and other productions over the years is nothing short of impressive. It seems no two characters are alike. But perhaps one of Disney’s and Pixar’s most keen talents lies in ...

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Dining Changes You Need To Be Aware of at Walt Disney World

The parks at Walt Disney World reopened in mid-July, and fans couldn’t be happier. But part of Disney’s being able to reopen is based on the resort’s ability to have procedures and protocols put in place to keep Cast Members and Guests as safe as possible. Disney World has implemented a brand-new system for making reservations in the parks, a ...

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The Re-Opening of Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting


By now you’ve probably heard that Hollywood Studios and the other three theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort have reopened. Disney’s Golden Age of Hollywood-themed park opened on July 15, 2020, and for many Disney fans, it’s the best news they’ve heard in a while. For other fans, the reopening creates more questions than comfort. Never fear; ...

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