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Oh My! Disney’s Most Frightening Character Creations

When it comes to creating and developing characters, no one’s better at it than the creators and writers at Disney and Pixar. Their extensive list of characters from movies, cartoons and other productions over the years is nothing short of impressive. It seems no two characters are alike. But perhaps one of Disney’s and Pixar’s most keen talents lies in ...

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Dining Changes You Need To Be Aware of at Walt Disney World

The parks at Walt Disney World reopened in mid-July, and fans couldn’t be happier. But part of Disney’s being able to reopen is based on the resort’s ability to have procedures and protocols put in place to keep Cast Members and Guests as safe as possible. Disney World has implemented a brand-new system for making reservations in the parks, a ...

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Top 10 Lies About Disney’s Animal Kingdom

expedition everest

Ah, Disney’s Animal Kingdom! The Tree of Life, the animals, the birds, the sounds of lively festival music. Is there anything better? You’d be hard-pressed to find a place with a wider array of offerings in family fun, education and entertainment. But wouldn’t you know it—like all wonderful places, Disney’s Animal Kingdom isn’t immune to many common myths and misconceptions—and ...

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10 Lies About Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Is there any place in the world more exciting than Magic Kingdom? Many fans of the Walt Disney World Resort would say no. After all, “Magic” Kingdom tends to be true to its name. No wonder it’s called the Most Magical Place on Earth! But believe it or not, there are some myths and lies about the Magic Kingdom that ...

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10 Guest Behaviors That Can Get You in Trouble at Walt Disney World

Mime Festival Fantasy

The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is a place where fairy tales and dreams come true. It’s a magical place—the most magical on earth, mind you—where you can be anything you want to be. And when it comes to experiencing the Disney magic, you can do that in a thousand different ways. But there are some things that you ...

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How To Prepare For Your Disney Trip In a Post-Quarantine World

COVID-19. Who would have ever thought that such a microscopic enemy could wreak such havoc on planet Earth—hundreds of thousands of people infected worldwide, schools and churches closing, only essential marketplaces open (and even then, only with reduced hours), city, state and federal governments affected, beaches closed—the list goes on. The novel coronavirus of 2019 is a powerful force—even affecting ...

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11 Things You Need to Know About Walt Disney World’s Toy Story Land

Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is home to more fun than—well—a barrel of monkeys (but you’ll find barrels of monkeys there too!). We love everything about Toy Story, and Toy Story Land has made our dreams a reality! We are able to explore Andy’s backyard and interact with his toys! Here are 11 things you’ll want to know ...

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