Disney World Cast Member Suddenly Fired After Photo Surfaces of Her on a Disney Bus

Fairy God Mother Fired
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A former Disney World cast member who spent more than six years bringing magic and exceptional guest service to kids visiting the Central Florida Disney parks was terminated by Disney in February along with 17 other cast members. Now, the former magic-maker is coming forward to tell the story of her termination and the emotional toll the loss of her beloved role at Disney World has taken on her.

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A Cast Member Delivering the Magic–Heart and Soul

Courtney Cramblit was a cast member at the Walt Disney World Resort for more than six years, and the pictures she has posted on her social media accounts tell the story–the story of a cast member who truly loved every minute of her time at the parks. But now it must feel like it might have been all for nothing, as she was fired in February from her role as a fairy godmother-in-training at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique.

As a fairy godmother apprentice, Cramblit’s role included welcoming children between the ages of three and 12 to the boutique, listening to them tell her what they wanted their “royal transformation” to look like, and prepping them for an unforgettable experience inside a magical salon inside Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom theme park.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Sign

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Once the child was ready for his or her magical makeover, Cramblit–and other Disney employees working as fairy godmothers at the boutique–would then proceed with the makeover, which often includes styling hair, applying makeup, and adding moments of magic here and there to enhance the experience.

Then Cramblit would go to work, bringing the magic that would not only lead to the transformations of little girls and boys into elegant princesses and shining knights but also transform skeptics into diehard believers in Disney magic.

Three images of a girl in princess attire. left: close-up in black and white. middle: seated on a rug playing with toys. right: interacting with another girl dressed as a princess.

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“I made magic here,” Cramblit once wrote on her Instagram about her time as a cast member at Disney World. “It was home.”

Upon reminiscing about her time as a fairy godmother apprentice at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique, Cramblit posted, saying, “I wanted each and every kid to believe in magic and to believe they really just met their fairy godmother.”

But now, more than two months after being terminated from her role at Disney World, Cramblit likely doesn’t know what to believe herself.

A Seemingly Wrongful Termination

Cramblit took to social media this week to share the story of being fired from a job at Disney World that she truly loved, posting a reel on Instagram and TikTok that depicts Cramblit embracing her role as a fairy godmother at Disney World’s Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique–always going above and beyond to make children feel welcome and that they were deserving of that special Disney magic.

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Because the former cast member doesn’t give details about her story in the captions to her posts, followers have to read through numerous comments by other followers, many accompanied by Cramblit’s responses, to understand the events that transpired, leading up to her firing in February of this year.

On February 16, following her termination, Cramblit wrote a post on Facebook that reads with a positive tone, saying:

I hope I can look back on this hard time in a year and realize that while a door was closing, a new door was opening for me and I just couldn’t see it yet. A new, exciting door that is ONLY just the beginning of what changes my life in the best possible way.
So shoutout to me in a year, come back here and let me know if this happens because I’m kinda rooting for this.

What Happened?

Essentially, Cramblit’s friend took a photo while she and other cast members were riding on a bus operated by Disney World for cast members to use as transportation before and after their shifts. Though Cramblit didn’t take the photo and didn’t know it was being taken, she, along with several other cast members, were immediately terminated once they were seen in the photo.

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It’s important to note that Cramblit’s face can’t be seen in the image, according to her narrative. Instead, only her body can be seen, which begs the question, “Wouldn’t that mean that she couldn’t have been positively identified in the photo taken by another cast member or by management?”

But Disney World reportedly has a “no backstage photos” policy. Any area in which only cast members are allowed is considered a backstage area–including on the bus where Cramblit was photographed while dressed in her cast member attire. She was one of many who were terminated in association with the photographs taken in a Disney World “backstage area.”

cinderella castle with backstage in grey letters

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“Someone else took a photo of me on a [Disney] bus,” Cramblit responded to one follower’s questions about the incident. “I was terminated, but the person who took [the photo] was given a warning.”

Many users who have commented on her posts so far have been very encouraging, telling Cramblit that good things are on the horizon for her. Others, however, have struggled to understand exactly what happened that led to her termination. Still, others have advised her to seek legal counsel, telling her that her scenario can be described as a wrongful termination.

Grateful For the Opportunities to Make Magic

In a post on her Instagram from 2020, Cramblit reflects on all the magic she’s enjoyed–and all the magic she was pleased to make for guests at Disney World–in case her days were numbered as a cast member, likely in response to layoffs at Disney World and Disneyland during the COVID pandemic. However, she continued working at Disney World, as she was just terminated in February 2024.

Let’s talk about my most favorite times as a cast member. My college program on Main Street, U.S.A.: I met lifelong friends there. Every night on Main Street, I got to end my night watching fireworks and seeing Magic Kingdom completely EMPTY of guests. It was beautiful, calm, and gave me a sense of belonging when I first moved to Florida. I was a part of a Disney Wedding at 4 in the morning, Christmas filmings, and got to go inside Cinderella’s Castle suite. I danced to the parades every single shift and learned all the moves. I gave stickers out to as many kids as possible.

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Then my college program ended, and Fairy Godmother welcomed me with open arms to Fairy School at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! I was so nervous that I wouldn’t ‘fit in’ with the fairies, but I soon realized we were all amazing in our own ways, and they would love me for who I am (super smiley, kinda weird, and always trying to make people laugh).

‘Congratulations Queen, you just made the royal payment!’ The boutique and the fairies became my family. Working at the boutique for me, felt like I got to walk into a fairytale every day, and I performed the role so extremely because I loved it.  I am just so thankful to have gotten the roles I did. I am so thankful for every single day being a cast member. I wouldn’t trade these three years for anything.

The Future Remains Uncertain . . . For Now

Cramblit’s termination was effective in February 2024, but she just took to social media to bring light to her situation this week, so it remains to be seen what might come of her scenario.

Here’s wishing her the best in her future endeavors, whether with Disney or in another opportunity.

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  1. Im taking the high road on this one, with whats being said in the passages above, you should never have been fired or reprimanded. the photographer should be fired immediately everyone else reinstated with back pay and apologized too. Disney went to far in not “doing the right thing”

  2. Walt Disney was known as a kind, intelligent man.
    He would have NEVER PERMITTED such horrific treatment of an employee.

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