10 Things You Should Never Do On A Disney Vacation

10 Things You Should Never Do On A Disney Vacation
10 Things You Should Never Do On A Disney Vacation

There are so many must do’s at Disney but here are some “Never Do’s” for you to know before heading out to your favorite park.

10. Expectations

Never expect to do and see everything in one visit. It’s nearly impossible unless you are planning to be there an entire month. Instead figure out what’s important for you and your family to see and do.

9. Footwear

Don’t buy a new pair of shoes to wear in the parks. I can’t stress this enough! The time to break in the new shoes is long before you get to the park. You don’t want to walk around all day in shoes that hurt your feet or worse yet, BLISTERS!

8. Over Scheduling your vacation

When planning your Disney trip, make sure you don’t schedule every moment. It’s not fun having to spend your time running around from one attraction to another without being able to stop and enjoy your surroundings. Disney puts so much effort into the details of each of the parks it’s a shame to overlook them.

7. Weather

Never let the weather interfere with your Disney vacation. Check the local forecast before heading out. Grab a rain poncho, sunscreen or a warm jacket and gloves in the winter months and enjoy your visit.

6. Little Mouseketeers

Don’t let the little ones get too tired or hungry. You can let them take a little nap in the stroller or go back to your hotel for a couple of hours then head back to the park. Make sure you pack enough snacks and water for your little ones. No one likes an unhappy mouseketeer.

5. Illness

If you are sick or contagious don’t go to the parks. A lot of people are at the parks and you wouldn’t want to get others sick. Maybe you will feel better the next day. You can’t enjoy your visit if you are feeling ill.

4. Fast Passes

Never go into the park without scheduling at least a couple of fast passes. You can do this ahead of time by logging into you’re My Disney Experience account. Why waste time in the standby lines if you can use a fast pass for your favorite rides. This will cut down your wait time.

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3. Photos

Never miss a great photo opportunity. There are so many spots to get some great shots. If you are not a great photographer or don’t want to take the photos, Disney has a service called Memory Maker. This service has Professional photographers located around the park that will take your photos for you. You can purchase this service ahead of time on your My Disney Experience account and save yourself some money.

2. Parades

Never skip seeing the parade. No one does a parade like Disney does! Here is where you will see beautiful floats, all of your favorite Disney characters passing in front of you playing their themed music. Its Disney magic at its best.

1.Your Disney Side

Never be afraid to let the kid out inside of you. This is where we all can be young again. Wear your favorite Disney character shirt or sport a pair of Mickey ears. It’s a great feeling to be young or young at heart!

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