10 Things You Might Not Have Experienced At Walt Disney World Resort

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There’s always a lot going on at Walt Disney World, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn that you’ve missed something on your previous vacations there. Whether you’re a Disney “veteran” or completely new to Disney trips, see if you can get these ten experiences into your Disney days!

10) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. This ride might seem like a ride that is only suitable for children, but even adults can take a fun and whimsical trip down memory lane with Winnie the Pooh and his companions. This ride is a perfect way to relax between outdoor attractions–and a perfect way to get some light-hearted laughs!

9) O Canada! Epcot is one of the sunniest Disney parks, since it does not have much shade for visitors, but this short film is an excellent way to avoid the sunshine. The ever-hilarious Martin Short takes viewers on a breathtaking Circle-Vision 360-degree tour of Canada, introducing you to the country’s variety of landscapes and highlights. The movie is not extremely short, which might dissuade some visitors, but it really is worth the stop–and if you like this movie, check out China’s Circle-Vision movie too!

8) Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. This show is a perfect compendium of the classic Disney attractions’ traits: it’s short, it’s indoors, and it’s entertaining for all ages. The Tiki Room is located in the Magic Kingdom and features some colorful animatronic birds–many of whom can be recognized from Disney films and books–engaging in both comical discussions and catchy music. If you ever need to get out the rain, this delightful little show is the way to do it!

7) Napping. Yes, sleeping in on a Disney vacation is frowned upon, but naps aren’t! You’ll probably be staying up for some late nights–or late-night snacks–and therefore will be in need of some hours off. The mid-to -late afternoon is a wonderful naptime, even on a Disney vacation, so use it! If you really can’t overcome the guilt of inactivity, then book yourself a spa treatment or massage as an excuse for some shut-eye.

6) Eating at different resorts. Picking your Disney resort is always tough, but dining at other resort locations can help ease your mind by allowing you to see other options. By sampling both the food and atmosphere of other resorts, you get to enjoy previews of locations for your next vacation–and you don’t have to wonder what it’s like inside the Grand Floridian!

5) Seeing DeVine. If you’ve been power-walking through the Animal Kingdom like a professional athlete, then you’ve probably missed out on DeVine. This stilt-walking woman is completely covered with green paint and an elaborate detailing of greenery. Her camouflage makes her difficult to notice at times (as do her amazingly slow and graceful movements) but DeVine presents a great photo opportunity for visitors, as well as a chance to meet a very unique and elusive Disney character.

4) Staying in. On a Disney vacation, there’s a lot of pressure to go out into the parks as soon as possible–and to stay in them. Disney’s parks most certainly do have wonderful attractions and rides, and they are an integral part of the quintessential Disney experience, but Disney’s resorts have plenty to offer too! You can get sick or overtired if you spend your entire vacation running around the parks without significant breaks, and where better to spend your down-time than your beautiful and authentic resort? If you have children and are staying at one of the All Star Resorts, take the time to enjoy the resorts’ events like movie nights or games! Napping poolside at the Polynesian Village Resort or Coronado Springs Resort is also a great way to relax and slow down on your trip (adults seeking a quieter, more sophisticated time might want to spring for a place like the Grand Floridian Resort).

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3) Repeating rides. Repetition in life is often frowned upon; we’re told not to eat too many cookies, not to wear the same dress to the same place, and even not to shampoo our hair too often! When you begin your Disney vacation, forget these limits, especially when it comes to rides and attractions. If you like Splash Mountain, go on it again–and again! There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

2) Fireworks cruises. If you’ve already seen the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks from within the park, and if you’re tired of looking at the Seven Seas Lagoon from afar, a lively little night-cruise is the way to do it. With friendly Cast Members and a comfortable boat, you can enjoy a unique and magical view of the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks–and fireworks cruises are also available at Epcot!

1) Staying in the parks late. This is where napping comes in. A late night at the parks is a superb way to experience attractions in a completely different atmosphere, and to see some spectacular fireworks. The Wishes ceremony is a particularly moving attraction that can only be seen at night in the Magic Kingdom, as is the Main Street Electrical Parade. Park late-nights are particularly easy to achieve at Hollywood Studios, where crowds flock to see Fantasmic!, and in Epcot for IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

One of the most important things about a Disney vacation is free time; Disney magic often comes in the form of surprise interactions and simple pleasures, so don’t worry if you don’t accomplish everything that you intend to–even if you miss some of the things on this list! Your Disney vacation will always be magical if you are open to improvisation and allow yourself to genuinely relax.

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