10 Things You Will Not Be Allowed to Take into a Disney Park

no profanity

5. A foul mouth

We’re not talking bad breath after you’ve eaten too much garlic. We’ve all had an experience or two around someone who’s having a bad day and has chosen to go public with their sour day. Maybe they fell off the wrong side of the bed (maybe they were pushed off). It could be they have a headache, a tummy ache, an earache or even a heartache. A few people are just naturally grumpy. But when you visit Disney, you want to have a positively magical experience, and the word choices of someone who’s had a rough day can make your day unbearable as well. For the enjoyment and safety of all Guests, Disney prohibits the use of foul and profane language. Using it can actually result in your dismissal from the park for the day. It’s easy to get stressed on vacation, so if you feel overwhelmed or stressed, take a few moments for yourself. But be sure you never become a fountain of profanity—it could cost you a full day of the Magic.

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