10 Things You’ll Love About the American Pavilion at Epcot

American Adventure

Right in the center of World Showcase in Epcot is the American Pavilion, also known American Adventure. Visiting this pavilion is like taking a step back in time to the Colonial era with all of its sights, sounds, and food to enjoy.

10. American Gardens Theater

Center stage of World Showcase is, well, a stage. The American Gardens Theater is home to several shows throughout the year, including one we’ll get to in a moment. Several times a day you can catch the American Music Machine, a 5-person a cappella group that sings a selection of pop songs park guests will recognize and sing along to. Other times you can find a DJ on stage playing music for kids to dance to.

9. Funnel Cake

If you’re looking for a sizable snack, stop by this booth and get this iconic treat with your choice of powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, pumpkin spice, apples, or ice cream as a topping. If you really enjoy funnel cake, for about $20 you can also purchase a funnel cake kit from the stand. The only other item you’ll be able to buy here is bottled water. It can be found to the left of the American Gardens Theater.

8. Liberty Inn

As this pavilion does not have a Table Service restaurant, Liberty Inn is the closest thing families will get to a full lunch or dinner. Here you can expect to find the all-American selection of hamburgers, hot dogs, New York strip steak, chicken nuggets, crab cakes, and a Southwest salad and red, white, and blue salad. Vegetarian and Kosher options are also available. For dessert you can get apple pie, a fruit cup, or brownie. Liberty Inn also has a small selection of American beer.

7. The Shopping

The gift shops aren’t as big compared to the other pavilions, but being located in the country it portrays, American guests don’t have to go far to find something made in the USA. Along with the usual Disney merchandise, you can find copies of historic documents like the Declaration of Independence to take home or books on the founding of America. American-made products like the ever popular Alex and Ani bracelets can be found here as well.

6. The Forced Perspective

Disney is known for using forced perspective to take something, like Cinderella Castle, and make it look taller than what it actually is. At the American pavilion, it’s just the opposite. The main building is actually five stories tall, but from the outside it is made to look like it’s only three. This is because in the Colonial era, which is the theme for the pavilion, they didn’t have five story buildings. Take a look at the next time you pass by.

5. The Architecture

While we’re talking about the building in the American pavilion, let’s talk about the overall theme for the area. The buildings take their influence from Independence Hall, Boston, and Colonial Williamsburg. The bricks used on the exterior of the building were actually made from Georgia clay and were aged to create a more authentic look. Of course, the patriotic colors red, white, and blue are in abundance and that includes the gardens around the pavilion.

4. Fife and Drum Tavern

Another Quick-Service station here is the Fife and Drum Tavern. This is one of two locations in the Walt Disney Resort property where you can get a large turkey leg. You can find popcorn and ice cream here along with a selection of special Phineas and Ferb treats like the Doofenslurper in a souvenir beaker and Perry’s Power Pack. There’s also a larger selection of alcoholic beverages here that also includes wine.

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3. Candlelight Processional

One of the highlights around the holidays for Epcot is the Candlelight Processional that takes place select nights at the American Gardens Theater. Celebrities help narrate the Christmas story along with a 50-piece orchestra and a massive choir. The event usually runs from the end of November to the end of December each year.

2. The American Adventure Show

Inside the main building is where you can find the pavilion’s only attraction, the American Adventure. This seated theater takes guests on a journey through the country’s history, highlighting certain wars, movements, and now includes a 9/11 tribute. Animatronic figures take center stage accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack and short film clips with pictures and vintage footage of the different time periods mentioned. The building itself is worth noticing as there are statues of influential American, quotes, and artwork depicting important moments in America’s history.

1. The Voices of Liberty

No list about American Adventure would be complete without the Voices of Liberty. This a cappella group in traditional Colonial dress sing a variety of patriotic songs mixed in with a few Disney classics. During the holidays they’ll also add some seasonal songs into their set. Guests can listen to the group perform while waiting to see the American Adventure show five days a week. You won’t want to miss this performance. They are truly exceptional.

Some people tend to skip over the American pavilion as they think there isn’t much to see here. Taking the time to learn about how the country was founded and learn more about America’s rich history is a must-do and a great way to add some educational value to your vacation.

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