10 Things You'll Only Get On A Disney Cruise

Beauty and the Beast

5. Nightly Family-Friendly Shows

One of the things that we don’t love about most cruise lines is the fact that most of the nightly entertainment is not kid-friendly. Sure, they might have one performance on the main stage that is geared toward families, but for the most part, the shows are for adults.

Disney does things differently. They present a family-friendly show on the main stage each night of every cruise. Many of these are Broadway-caliber musicals, and all are fantastic.

6. Fish Extenders

Fish extenders are a super fun thing, and they aren’t found on any other cruise lines. Guests sign up for a gift exchange (these can often be found in Facebook groups), hang a multi-pocketed “fish extender” by their door, and have a blast delivering gifts to others’ fish extenders while receiving gifts in their own.

That said, these exchanges are not run by Disney officially, so every experience will be different.

7. Included Soda

Generally speaking, in order to have soda while cruising other lines, you must purchase a soda package or pay for each beverage individually. This added cost is a huge hassle and can be frustrating.

On DCL, soda is included, meaning you don’t have to think about soda packages or the à la carte cost. Instead, you can enjoy the occasional sweet drink without worry.

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