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10 Tips for Having Your Best Disney Vacation Ever

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle

At Disney World, there’s always magic, but with these tips, you can get a little extra!

1) Embrace the magic! In Walt Disney World, adults can have as much fun as children can. Dance during the parades, hug your favorite characters, and soak in everything that Disney has to offer!

2) Don’t shy away from a Disney vacation if you have specific dietary needs! Disney employees are incredibly helpful when it comes to allergies and other food requirements. When you make reservations for your meals–and it is highly recommended that you do–you can easily inform the employees about any allergies or dietary restrictions that you may have. Even if you do walk into a park’s restaurant without a reservation, in my experience, Disney’s staff members are always willing to go the extra mile; if you cannot eat certain foods, they will do everything that they can to satisfy these restrictions, without making you feel like a burden.

3) Arrange to eat at resorts other than your own. Disney makes it easy to travel between resorts, and whether you’ll be eating with giraffes at the Animal Kingdom Lodge or experiencing luxury at the Grand Floridian Resort, the opportunity is one you won’t want to miss. Plus, seeing other resorts allows you to make a mental list of places to stay when you come back again!

4) Rest up before your vacation, not during it. There’s always something to do at the Disney parks, and whether you’re traveling with adults or kids, you will not want to spend your week sleeping, because there are plenty of fun experiences to have! If you do need a day of rest, keep in mind that every resort has tons of delightful things to do; your day of R & R can still be a fun-filled Disney day, and you won’t even have to leave your resort!

5) Leave some time in each day for miscellaneous things. With a place like Walt Disney World, street shows, snacks–and even the occasional flash mob–can pop up virtually anywhere, and you won’t want to miss them! Giving your schedule some wiggle room will allow you to grab a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, take a ferry ride in Epcot, and embrace the meaning of “Hakuna Matata”!

6) Don’t disregard shows and movies as long, boring ordeals. Attractions like the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor in the Magic Kingdom and the countries’ films in Epcot are not only entertaining, they are also just long enough to give you a break from the sun without taking huge chunks out of your schedule!

7) Make sure you see the closing fireworks at the Magic Kingdom, but try to manage your schedule so that you aren’t trying to get somewhere during the show or directly after it. When it comes to fireworks, people tend to get starstruck (understandably), and movingthrough an enchanted crowd of Disney-goers can be nearly impossible! Instead, avoid scheduling anything at that time, so you can relax and share the magic with your fellow visitors.

8) Go on the safari in the Animal Kingdom more than once, and make sure you go at least once in the morning. Because there are so many species on Disney’s savannah, the experience is different every time! By heading straight to the safari when you enter the park, you can avoid crowds; plus, since the animals are just waking up, they’ll be far more likely to come say hello than they are later on, and you may end up seeing some of the more elusive animals. You might even see some of them being fed!

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9) When a ride’s sign warns that you will get wet, you will get wet (here’s looking at you, Splash Mountain). On a hot day, getting soaked is indescribably refreshing, but if you’d rather avoid a complete dousing, try to sit as far back as possible (unless you’re on the Kali River Rapids: the raft rotates, exposing everyone to equal soaking opportunities). No matter which “wet” ride you’re going on, keep your valuables and electronics in waterproof bags to be safe, so you can enjoy the ride! You may also want to bring a different outfit; on hot days, your clothes will dry astonishingly fast, but if not, your soaked clothes may cling to you all day. A little bit of planning will ensure that you leave these fantastic rides with no regrets!

10) Remember to share the magic with other Disney visitors! You will often bond with strangers on rides, even for brief moments, and if you happen to be a single rider, embrace the chance to meet new people. Even if you never see each other again, for those few minutes of thrills you are each other’s best buddies, and that’s just another part of the Disney magic!

A Disney vacation is unlike any other, and with these tips you can get the magical vacation that you deserve. Enjoy!

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