10 Tips For Maximizing Your Time At Walt Disney World

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4. Know Where Everything Is.

Knowing where everything is like bathrooms, drinking fountains, ATMs, first aid, baby centers, food carts etc. is essential! Especially when visiting with kids! Kids are unpredictable to say the least. One minute they are fine, the next minute they are hungry, thirsty, or need to use the bathroom. Avoid hunger, thirst, and bathroom accidents by knowing your surroundings! On a quick serious note, it is also important to know where the first aid and baby center is. Sometimes, without warning, we get sick and need medical attention or medicine. The first aid center has medical professionals available to check you out. Plus, the baby center has adult and children over the counter medicine you can purchase to help you or your child make it through the day. 

3. Know Your Shortcuts.

When you arrive to the park you are visiting, grab a map! Study that map like your life depends on it. Well your sanity will more than likely depend on it, and here is why…If you study that map, backwards and forwards, you will learn where the shows, parades, and fireworks take place. This is important because when those shows let out and the parade or fireworks finish, walking traffic is going to back up quickly! When you know your shortcuts, you can avoid these areas and make it to your destination without being held up behind a large crowd. 

Little green Aliens from Pixar Animation StudiosÕ Toy Story films pilot toy rocket ships in the Alien Swirling Saucers attraction in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The out-of-this-world attraction is inspired by Andy's toy playset from the Pizza Planet restaurant. With multi-colored lighting and sound effects from throughout the galaxies, Walt Disney World guests swirl and whirl in the toy rocket ships while the Aliens try to get captured by "The Claw" that hangs overhead. (Steven Diaz, photographer)

2. Ride Attractions during the Major Shows, Parades, and Fireworks. 

If you are not interested in the shows, parades, and fireworks or only interested in a couple of them, then choose which ones you want to see and skip the rest! During the major shows like Fantasmic, the parades, and the fireworks, the lines for the attractions calm down a LOT. Reason being is because everyone else is busy watching them instead of riding the attractions. You will save a great deal of time knocking the attractions out during these times. 

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1. Travel light into the Parks, Stick to your Plan, and Save Souvenirs towards the End. 

When heading into the parks, take as little with you as possible! You will save a good amount of time getting through security and around the crowd by bringing no bags. There is specifically a no bag line at the security checkpoint. While you are at the park, make sure to stick to your plan! Not sticking to your plan will result in not accomplishing what you have set out to experience because of side tracking. Last, wait to get your souvenirs towards the end of your day. Waiting to purchase souvenirs will not only save you time during your visit so you can do bigger things but also so you don’t have to carry bags around all day! 

Bottom line, it is possible to maximize your time while at the resort, if you do it right. If you take our advice, you are more than capable of maximizing your time during your visit, having a great time, and seeing the magic Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. Happy travels! 

By Megan

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