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10 Tips For Maximizing Your Time At Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort contains the four largest Disney parks built in Disney history, which can seem very intimidating and overwhelming when planning a vacation. We understand that you want to see as much as possible but you do not know how you are going to fit it all in. Thankfully, you have us to make some recommendations to help maximize your time during your visit.

10. Know When Peak and Non-Peak Season is.

Peak and non-peak are terms that may seem unfamiliar to some people. Peak season is when the Walt Disney World Resort is the busiest (holidays, school breaks like spring and summer). Non-peak season is when the resort is the least busy (the weeks in between major holidays, weekdays that are not during spring and summer break). With the general idea of when peak and non-peak season is, it is easier to plan when to take your vacation. If your schedule is not flexible, and you must visit the Walt Disney World Resort during peak, try to pre-plan as much as possible because the resort will be crowded. 


9. Go on a Rainy Day, if Possible, Seriously.

Honestly, if you look ahead of time at the weather and rain is in the forecast, take advantage and go to the resort! Sounds crazy, but hear us out. The weather in Florida is unpredictable, it can rain for either ten minutes or it can rain all day long. When it rains all day, we can say from experience, the parks are like ghost towns! Typically, most guest don’t want to go to the park in the rain, which is understandable. When it is raining though, you can knock out almost everything because it is less crowded. We do recommend though if you do decide to take advantage of the rainy day, be prepared. The Walt Disney World Resort has shops that do provide rain ponchos available for purchase but, it is cheaper to purchase a rain poncho before coming to the resort.

8. Plan Your Day Before You Arrive.

Before visiting, have a game plan! It is as simple as that. Know what park you want to visit, what rides you want to ride, what restaurants you want to check out or make reservations at, what parades/shows/fireworks you want to see (if you want to see them), and get FastPasses ahead of time! Another important aspect to keep in mind is timing, especially when it comes to FastPasses and dining. Make sure you allow yourself enough time between FastPasses, because even FastPass lines can get backed up, which can make you late for your next FastPass. When it comes to dining, have a general idea of what time people usually have lunch and dinner, and plan around that.

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