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10 Unfortunate Guest Behaviors Disney Face Characters Have To Endure

Belle and Child

6. Questionable Hygiene

On that note, not every guest practices immaculate grooming. In addition to that, Florida’s muggy and humid weather does nothing to improve anyone’s “scent”. I’m sure many characters have hugged and huddled in close for pictures with some pretty pungent guests. Think of them when applying deodorant folks! Mary Poppins will be silently thanking you.

5. Aggressive Youngsters

Again, some of the youngest guests can be the most trying for face characters. Some little ones get so excited, they can’t physically contain themselves and throw themselves at cast members. And others may even smack characters to keep their attention. (Unfortunately, not every parent discourages this behavior.) All characters have attendants to keep excitable guests in line, but still, sometimes nothing can stop a thrilled toddler from launching themselves into Ariel’s lap.

4. Flirtatious Admirers

Princesses are the biggest target, but many other face characters have been the victim of unwanted advances. From harmless jokes to genuinely creepy comments, face characters have had to brush off these interactions while wearing a smile. Again, character attendants are always nearby to keep the cast members safe, but no one can totally control guest behavior.

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