10 Unfortunate Guest Behaviors Disney Face Characters Have To Endure


3. Criticism Recipient

Thanks to the lack of mask, some guests talk to and criticize the characters as if they have a say in their costume, the wait times, or how the parks are run in general. Trust me. If Alice has been greeting guests for 8 hours on a 90 degree day, she is groaning on the inside if any guests share “suggestions”. Resist the urge to confide in characters and bring legitimate concerns to guest relations instead.

2. T.M.I.

While I wouldn’t call this behavior “disgusting”, I will say it’s unfortunate that some guests overshare information with face characters. Cast members have reported that parents have whispered things to them in confidence, like revealing an illness or an impending divorce. Why some guests have the urge to do so, I can’t say why. Don’t break the character’s hearts.

1. Know-It-Alls

There is a beautiful period in everyone’s life, where you question nothing and truly believe in magic. As this period ends, characters have to deal with guests trying to prove they aren’t “real”. From truly curious children to sassy teenagers, face characters have to be on their feet and ready to divert conversations as necessary. All I can say is, don’t be that guy quizzing Cinderella. Just give into the fun of it all and smile for a great picture!

With everything a face character endures, I think we can all be appreciative that so many people still embrace these roles. A genuine “thank you” and smile could mean the world to that cast member striving to make your day. Never forget that!

By Rebekah

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